Longmont High School​ Class of '67
50th ​Reunion
A Renewal of Friendships July 28, 2017

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As sunrise marks the beginning of the day, graduation marked the beginning of our adult lives.  Here are the stories of where that has led.

Nancy says she is married to Vern Ealey.  They have been married since October 2000, and "Yes...3rd time is the charm."

Regarding her family, Nancy says, "I have 2 children. A son Steven and wife Alison. Their kids Carter and Jack. Daughter Kristi, her kids Kody, Kyle and Aura. Stepchildren Vince Ealey and his wife Connie. Their kids Alex and Celena. Renee and husband Chris Oxley and their son Lucas. "

Career wise, she says, "I worked at Dieterich Standard in the inspection department for 11 years. I also worked at WalMart for 12 years. "

Nancy's LHS Graduation was a great event!! And, "Having my children was a real high point."

Nancy has lived in Longmont, Page,AZ. Flagstaff,AZ Back to Longmont Now in Loveland. Have done a lot of traveling in the last 16 years. We took a 3 week trip to England in 2010. to visit my Moms family. We have also traveled from the west coast to the east coast and north to south. 

Special school memories for Nancy are:  Friday night TAC dances. Dragging main. Home ec. class with MrsBrown and MrsKirk. 

Currently, Nancy says,  "We travel spend time with the family. I do some sewing and crafts."
After LHS Art started with IBM out of High School

Art met Linda Soady in 1989, got married in 1990 she was a office manager for a Dentist here in Longmont but she is from the Quad Cities in Ill.

Art says, "I have two children from a previous marrage. Tammi and her Husband Phil, Brian and his Wife Carole. We have 4 grandchildren, Emily is a Junior at UNC, Easton is a Freshman at Northeastern in Greeley, playing Baseball. Riley is a Eighth grader and Sydney is a forth grader here in Longmont. Nice to have the Kids and Grandkids all close. "

Careerwise Art spent 30 + yrs with IBM, retired in 1998, did some contract work with IBM till 2003. In 2004 I started with the city of Longmont as a Parking Enforcement officer. In 2012 I retired from the city and became a full time caregiver for my Wife.

Art says, "The most special event in my life was to have grand children. Love being with them and their activites."

Art has traveled a bunch with IBM, "too many to list.."

For a special memory of Longmont, Art tells us,  "Loved dragging Main St, still do it, and still see a bunch of classmats on the annualy main st cruse. Sad that is will be discontinued."

Art is retired, but says,  "Still do a little camping, hunting, riding the ATV in the Mountains."

Jane tells us, "Immediately after graduation I started my freshman year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I sat out the fall semester, but returned in the spring and for another year. I then moved to Ozark Bible College for about a year and a half and ended up with an Exec. Sec. Certificate with a major emphasis in bookkeeping (a divorce kind of ruined education plans!)"

"I married Jeffrey Greiman in 1984. We met in Vienna, both of us intending to stay for about two years. That was 35 years ago and we are still there. Jeff came to Vienna to do research for his doctorate in piano performance. And he is currently employed by the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna."

"Jeff and I have one son, Scott, who is loving life in the Colorado mountains as a barista at Starbucks, renovating a home and snowboarding or hiking whenever he can. He and his partner Debbie have two dogs and a cat, and seem to think that is the perfect arrangement!!"

"I spent just under 30 years working for the International Atomic Energy Agency in their Technical Cooperation Department. Was heavily involved in designing their computer system, particularly the accounts and statistics part of it. When I retired I was the Sr. Financial Officer for the departments technical cooperation program. Challenging (finance in development projects is slightly different from balanced books, assured resources, and planned budgets!!!) but very interesting. And the added plus is that I now have colleagues all around world whom I can visit! Since I love to travel, I take advantage of that asset!!"

Regarding significan life events, Jane tells us, "After my divorce, I was pretty depressed with the years I seemed to have wasted at Bible College and with a secretarial degree. But looking back, I see that I would likely never have ended up in Austria without that little loop. I love Austria -- the classical music scene is amazing; skiing is an hour away with deep powder about 6 hours away; the Sound of Music atmosphere is standard fare (beautiful mountains, elegant old buildings, traditional folk music, costumes, food), I love it! As I once told a friend who wondered when I would come back to the States and "get on with my life", I would much rather get on a train in Vienna and wake up in Venice than get on a train in Denver and wake up in Kansas City! "

"I've lived in Austria, the States and Canada (briefly) and have travelled in Europe -- I won't go into that list; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore."

At LHS, Jane says, "I really enjoyed being in the music program, particularly the orchestra. And the Pep Club was fun, particularly travelling to "away" games."

"I've been retired for about 8 years. Aside from keeping a house and garden going and travelling whenever I can, I have two different English conversation groups with Austrians who either want to improve their English or just have fun over coffee and cake. In the past year I have started working with a local group supporting refugees (mostly from Syria). Wonderful people in a horrible situation. And if all else fails, there is always Solitaire!!"
After graduating from LHS, Art studied at CSU, Wright State, and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Art married Kay Ream February 21, 1970

Art's family is made up of:  Children: Debbie Foster, Dave Beil, Brian Beil, Bethany Peacock, Grandchildren: Tonya Kilman, Peter Beil, Nicholas Beil, Max Peacock, George Peacock, and Great Grandchildren: McKenzie Kilman, Avery Kilman

Art's careers have been:  Computer Science: Software engineer - WPAFB; System Software - Control Data Corp; Network engineer (management toward end of career) - USDA

Art served in the Air Force - 4 years

Some significant events in his life have been:  TDY assignments to Egypt and Ukraine; Building our retirement home; Mission trips to Puebla, Mexico; Hiking the Camino de Santiago with my wife (600 miles)

Since those high school days, Art has :  Lived: Dayton, Ohio; Pineville, La; Stafford, Va; Hartford, TN Notable travel locations: Spain, Belize (Caye Caulker), Egypt, Tobago, Germany, Belgium, numerous road trips and cruises (including the now sunken Costa Concordia twice - same captain)

Special memories of LHS for Art were:  "Years of running for coach Sorrell, Mr Bolton's biology class when JFK was shot, TAC, Estes Park loop"

In retirement, Art is building projects, coaching middle school volleyball, golf, bridge, genealogy.
Sue tells us that, "A few years after high school I embarked on unusual and rewarding career of piano restoration. After an in-depth apprenticeship with a German piano rebuilder in Denver I became part owner of Pianos Unlimited in Fort Collins. In 1991 I became sole owner of the business which culminated into a 26 year career. After retiring in 2002 I followed my lifelong passion with horse and spent the next 13 years training and riding. " 

In choosing a partner, Sue says, "In 1992 I met Marcy, my soul mate and life partner of 26 years. We both share an intense love of animals and love traveling the world together."

She adds, "Although I didn't have "children" my kids are horses, dogs, cats, goats and chickens!"

Regarding travel and places she has lived, Sue says, "After living in Longmont, Fort Collins and Loveland my partner and I moved to Tucson in 2015. Our animal population now consists of 4 cats and two dogs which allows us more travel time. Recently returned from a trip to Peru and Equador. Saw the Big 5 on a safari in South Africa. We've been to Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, The Netherlands, Nova Scotia and will be in Canada this summer and in Australia in September visiting Marcy's sister. "
Sue's special memories of Longmont and LHS, are thus, "Memories of Longmont and LHS..WOW! There's the hours and miles of dragging Main. How about the party at my house when Mom and Dad came home early and found the house full of Seniors!" 

Sharon says, "I would really love to go to the reunion but I don’t think I can make it happen. I would have to fly up there for one night (Friday) and come back Saturday morning. We ordered a car in Sweden last winter and it is finally built so we will be in Sweden picking it up until the 25th of July. If I feel great (no jet lag etc.) then I could try for it. Phew - lots going on. My daughter-in=laws birthday is on the 29th and we have out of town family coming for that. I will let you know if I am going.

I have two grand children. Allyson is 4 and Will is 2. They live about 3 minutes away and I see them all the time. We really enjoy camping with my son and his family. After a year at CSU I moved to Greeley for two years. Then I met a girl there who came from Boston and I drove her home for the summer and decided to stay there for awhile. I loved it there but after two years decided to try Co. again and moved to Durango where I met my husband in 1973. We married in 1974 so our 43 year anniversary is coming up this fall. I was always in school wherever I lived and tried a few different majors. I have a bachelor of fine arts from Ft. Lewis College with a minor in English. Still love reading and writing some poetry. Our son was born in 1978. My husband and I built and operated restaurants for a number of years and then sold much of that business except a few in Durango so we wouldn’t have to travel so much. We only own the Ore House Restaurant and several commercial buildings in town now so we are not as busy. We have a young partner in the Ore House who does all of the hard work and we are hoping he will soon buy us out of that. It has been a fun ride but we all need an exit strategy and a plan in place so that is what we are working on. Our son said he would take over the commercial buildings when we die so we don’t have to worry about getting rid of those. He has been a great kid and is devoted to his dad. He went to CU and has a degree in accounting and finance. He left Colorado for San Fran after college to work for one of the big accounting firms. We were thrilled when he took a great job here working for the Southern Ute Tribe in their Growth Fund department. But, he does have to drive to Ignacio everyday which is not ideal.

I am a mad passionate gardener. If I am not out painting I am in the garden. The Durango life style is all about being outside and that pretty much describes the way we have lived our lives all of these years. My husband's big passion is fly fishing. He goes wherever the fish are and is gone a lot of the year. I don’t care for travel that much so it works out great for us. 

I really miss so many of my friends who have passed away. It seems like it has been far too many. Mary Sather and I became great friends again after our babies were born. Her husband Bob loved golf and my husband did too so they connected. We spent many years going to Aspen in the fall for golfing and to celebrate our anniversaries. Her death left a big hole in my life. Far too much cancer in our class too. I have recovered from breast cancer but it was a long battle. 

Enough reminiscing. I try real hard to live in the moment."
John tells us, "A little history.  After LHS I attended college for two years.  Joined the USAF in 69.  Went to South east Asia twice.

In 73 I went back to school.  Got married then divorced in 76.  Worked construction.  Married Sharon Price (class of 66) in 1977.  Three wonderful kids and Two fabulous Granddaughters.  I went to work at Rocky Flats in 1981.  I worked there for 23 years.  I continued as a Management Consultant in the Nuclear Industry, in the U.S., for about 6 more years.  I had a fight with cancer and won.  Worked 1 more year then retired.  I play alot of golf and spoil my granddaughters." 

After high school, Bill attended the Colorado University for 3 years. Then after the Marine Corps East Carolina University. BSBA (Accounting).

Bill married Terry Trippe  6/19/1971.  He says, "Still going strong. Our song at LHS was 'Still in Love with you Baby!'''

Bill and Terry have a daughter Natalie, son-in-law Steve, Grandaughters Hannah & Hailey.  They also have a son Matt, daughter-in-law Jennifer, Grandson Cooper.

Bill has been a Financial Advisor since 1980.   He says, "I now work with my son which is pretty cool. I have reduced my hours significantly. My son says I have the "best part-time job in town,".  After college I worked as an accountant for a couple of years but I like this much better. I really feel like I am an important part of my clients lives and have worked with many for 3 generations."

Bill served in the US Marine Corps from 1970-1975.  He got his wings in 1972 and began as a fighter pilot but transitioned to reconnaissance.

Important live events for Bill have been,  "Birth of my children and grandchildren, marriage, landing on an aircraft carrier."

Bill says, "I have lived in NC most of my life now and I love the South, but I will always have a warm place in my heart for Longmont. I have been in all 50 states, some of the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, some of Europe. Terry and I like to travel and try to have a trip or two every year. When we retire we are going to try to see most of the National Parks even though we've seen a good number already."  

Special memories for Longmont school days for Bill are, "Meeting Terry when we were in 8th Grade at Columbine. Wrestling for Jet Johnson.  He had a tremendous impact on my life and I kept up with him until he passed.  Dragging Main Street." 

Bill also says, "I'm not retired because I love what I do.  I guess I need to get a hobby.  I like to fish, play golf and spend time with our family."

Dwayne says, "All my education beyond Longmont High were internal classes at some of the places I worked like STC and Sumitomo Electric.   Also took some APICS courses and some evening computer corses at Durham Tech."

"Elizabeth Susan Hare (Liz) and I were married June 21st 1975.   Liz had been transferred from the Lexington Kentucky IBM plant to the Boulder IBM plant.   We met at the Longmont Church of the Nazarene. Liz and I will be celebrating our 42nd wedding annaversary this June (2017)."

Regarding his family, Dwayne continues,  "We have 2 kids which were both born at Longmont United Hospital.   Sarah was born September 16th 1978 and Matthew January 23rd 1980.   Liz and I don't have college education but both of our kids do.   Sarah graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and Matthew from NC State.   Also, I want to include Matthew's wife Erin who also graduated from NC state.   The kids live in the surrounding area and we get to see them occasionally."

"In 1985 Liz had an opportunity to move with IBM again, this time to Raleigh North Carolina.   Shortly after arriving in North Carolina I found employment with Sumitomo Electric where we were making Fiber Optic cables for the telecommunications industry.   I was involved with the materials inventory management.   I retired in 2014 but continued to work part timeat Sumitomo for the next 2 /2 years."

A significant life event for Dwayne was, "Being there at the birth of our children."

He says, "We have visited most of the Eastern States since being in North Carolina."

Dwayne is retired and, "Nowadays I keep busy in my woodworking shop next to our house.   The most recent project from the shop was making some Mountain Dulcimers.   We have a good sized yard that has lots of fruit trees and berries of all sorts along with a bunch of grass to be maintained."
After high school, Nancy graduated from CU-Boulder in 1971 with a degree in journalism. Earned a master's in higher education in 1990 at Montana State University in Bozeman. Received a secondary language arts teaching certificate from CSU in 1997.

In 1972 Nancy married Jerry Beauprez (LHS class of '64), which means we've been together now for 45 years!

Nancy and Jerry have 2 sons, Brad and Evan, both of whom live in Fort Collins. Brad is social studies department head at Poudre High School. His wife, Christy, also teaches there. Evan works for Otterbox, and his wife Carri is a closer for Cornerstone Mortgage. Brad and Christy have a daughter and two sons, and Evan and Carri have two boys.

Nancy says, "Most of my working life was in public relations for both CSU and MSU in Bozeman. I also did a brief stint as a technical editor for an environmental consulting company, but probably my most interesting work was in teaching. I followed in my mom's footsteps, Mary Burger, and became an 8th grade English teacher in my '40s. It was a good choice, especially on those days when you think you really did help some students improve their writing/thinking/speaking skills. "

Nancy goes on to say, "I did not do any military service, but Jerry is a Vietnam veteran. He served his tour while I was a student at CU, so we exchanged letters. I still have those letters he wrote. 

Losing my brother, Marty Burger, to alcoholism when he was 49 years old was difficult. On a positive note, our relocation to Montana in 1984 was a good move. We became closer as a family and it gave us a fresh start. We returned to Colorado in 1990. "

Jerry and Nancy have only lived in Colorado and Montana, but they've visited many places. 

Nancy's special school memory comes from "Central Junior High because I had my mom for 8th grade English, LHS concert choice with Mr. Stanfield, working on the Trojanews, the Greeley West basketball game with all the confetti, Stubb's, Johnson's Corner, Nick's."

Nancy further says, "We retired 8 years ago, so we spend lots of time with our sons and their families, and we travel as far and as often as we can."

Jim says that after LHS, "I attended CSU where I was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and I roomed with Brian Schlagel during our Freshman year before moving into the Chi House. Every day we played records while we studied, alternating between rock and roll and country music. I'm pretty sure the dorm was glad to see us move out so there could be some quiet around the place. Many, many more memories during those years, Brian and I still recall many that will remain between the two of us! After moving to Southern California, I finished my MBA."

Regarding marriage, Jim adds, "After CSU, I was hired by United Airlines in Chicago. A few years later, I was transferred to Los Angeles where I met the love of my life, Pat. I was her supervisor for a short time before I got promoted but by that time, she was the one for me. We got married in Palm Springs, eloping with our two best friends to be our witnesses at our wedding and we wrote our own wedding vows. Best day of my life!" 

"Pat and I are very fortunate to have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Pete lives and works for United Airlines in Chicago. Michele is an account executive for a food products company in Chicago. Kevin is a licensed nurse and just moved to San Diego. His daughter will attend UC-San Diego in the fall on a track and cross country scholarship. He also has a son that just turned 9. Alissa is a high school guidance and academic counselor in Sonora, CA. She has 3 boys and a girl who play basketball year around, her husband is the high school basketball coach and was just selected Coach of the Year for Northern California. He was diagnosed with cancer but is responding extremely well so far. We sold our house in Palm Springs and moved to be closer to Alissa and her family, they are less than an hour away so we get to see those grandchildren often and attend as many basketball, baseball, softball, and football games that we can!"

Careerwise, Jim says, "I worked for United Airlines for 14 years and then worked as a consultant for start-up airlines. I designed and managed customer service call centers from San Diego to Hartford, CT and the centers were as small as 15 agents up to over 1100 and included agents that spoke Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. That was a real blast getting to work in the "United Nations" every day and getting to know people of all these backgrounds. Very challenging but really satisfying. Later after Pat and I moved to Palm Springs, I was an Administrator in a hospital. Extremely different from anything I had ever done before but got to work with doctors, nurses, aides, etc. Boy was that a challenge but very rewarding. Pat stayed with United until they closed her office in L.A. and Pat elected to take early retirement instead of being transferred to Chicago."

"The year of the draft lottery was not a good one for me as my number was the very last number picked and I quickly got a notice to report for my physical for entering the Army. The facility in downtown Chicago was interesting to say the least. If you walked in the door, you got selected no matter what your condition was! I decided to enlist instead of being drafted, I thought that was the safest thing to do. I got a date for being sworn in, I requested that it be in Denver so my parents could attend. However, they lost all my records and I had to start over. This time the doctor saw the surgery scar on my knee and he told me to go home as he said I was unfit for military service. I was in Longmont in a minute as my dad's Plymouth flew up the freeway!"

Regarding significant events in Jim's life, he says, "I coached basketball for 17 years and then referee'd high school basketball for another 22 years. Our daughter, Alissa, was a very good player and she was on a team that went to China to play some games so Pat and I went along with the girls. Can you imagine a dozen teenage girls together in China? All in all, it was fun and we got to see a lot. Alissa was fortunate to play basketball in college where she met her future husband who played basketball at the same college."

Travelwise, Jim adds, "We have been very fortunate to travel extensively over the years. My business travel has taken me to almost every state. Since Pat officially retired from United Airlines, she maintained her travel benefits and we tried to use that as much as possible. We lived in Southern California for 40 years, now we live in Northern California but our heart is still in the South! There are not too many Dodger and Laker fans here but I do find one once in awhile. I was fortunate to get tickets to Kobe Bryant's last game with the Lakers and took my son, son-in-law and grandson. Kobe scored 60 points that night and what a night it was in downtown LA, I had never seen LA like it was that day."

Jim remembers LHS and Longmont this way, "I remember detention hall in the new high school with "LB", seemed like I spent a lot of time there! I remember Arthur putting a pail of water over the cafeteria door in the old high school and instead of it tipping over, it dropped straight down - oops! As a member of the golf team, we played a lot of "hockey" on the course, broke a few clubs along the way. Took driver's ed but the "car modules" did not work so the teacher could not tell what we were doing! Bless his soul, good ol' Ray Ashbaugh. He put a "voodoo" doll of me on the front wall because I came to class already with the next day's assignment already done. Brian and I had study hall before my class and he gave me the homework and I did it before it was assigned. I got an "A" but somehow Brian got an "A+", still haven't figured that one out. Last but not least was biology class. We were given baby chickens and we were supposed to inject them with either a steroid or just a water solution and then measure the differences in their growth pattern. My good friend Brian, told me hold them and he would inject them. After a semester of all the scabs and scratches on my hands, I wanted to kill either those chickens or Brian or both! I think Brian got an "A" and I got a "B" and many scars. Thanks to my still very best friend, Brian."

"I retired 2 years ago and quickly got my tennis game in shape, golf game is still a project. I play tennis at least 3 times a week, have a great bunch of guys and gals to play with so I really enjoy those times. I play on a softbal team twice a week, got a few pulled muscles but doing okay. Last week, my oldest grandson, Jay who is 13, and I went out to play golf together for the first time. Very special day, one less item in my bucket."

Regarding further education, Dennis tells us, there was "No formal school, just many training classes."

He continues, "In May of 1972 I married my dear life long friend, Marsha Humbard, LHS grad 1971 and, just celebrated our 45th anniversary with a special trip to Alaska coming in July."

"We did not have any children, but have had many spoiled dogs and nieces and nephews over the years. Maybe this allowed us to work extensively over the years in the Nazarene Church with teen ministry, music direction involvement and working in volunteer mission field."

Career wise, Dennis says, "I retired from Walker Mfg Co, home of the Walker Mower, working in marketing. I worked for Hajek Chevrolet, Kodak Colorado, HP Loveland, all in different capacities, but Walker Mowers has been my work life highlight."  Dennis added that, " while in Nebraska I went to auctioneers school and became an auctioneer, just for fun. " 

"I served 4 years, 1968-72, in the Air Force as a Jet Engine Test Specialist. I spent 2 years in Southeast Asia dodging bullets and watching bombs blow up. Finished up at Washington state."

"I will always remember the special time I had while traveling with Up With People national cast C for a year and a half. I graduated my senior year from Sing Out High in NY."

Travel wise, Dennis tells us, "We have lived in Longmont, Loveland and 15 years in SW Nebraska. Between Up With People, Air Force, church and Walker Mowers I have been to nearly 30 different countries. Every state in the union and every province in Canada."

Dennis' special memories of LHS include, "I have always loved music of every kind and I really had some great memories of HS Band and choir. I have good memories of being part of those which I think helped launch me into Up With People."

In retirement, Dennis says, "Marsha and I have always enjoyed collecting during our married years. Antiques, collectibles, and classic cars. That has allowed us to go into retirement enjoying these things and continue to travel for the hunt."  Dennis has been retired in Greeley for six years.
            DENNIS COX
Wilma tells us that, "After graduating from LHS I worked on the family dairy farm until I got married." 

"I married Gordon Hogsett (class of 1966) in 1968, we divorced after 18 years. In 1992 I married John White in Maui Hawaii."

Continuing, Wilma says, "Gordon and I had one daughter Gwendolyn (Wendy), and I have 4 grandchildren--Travis, Zachary, Brendan and Makaila, ranging in ages from 23 to 13.  John had one son, so I have 3 step granddaughters.  I also am proud to say I am a Step Great Grandmother to Zachary age 5 and Annabel who will be 2 in May.  I also have 3 wonderful and beautiful 4 legged fur babies (my 3 dogs) that I am very proud of."

She says, "I worked in a department store (Bradleys) in Massachusetts as a cashier and in the cash office, when we returned to Longmont I worked at a finance company for a few years.  I went to work for StorageTek in 1980,  I started in accounts payable and then went to Purchasing where I was Sr. Buyer until 2006 at which time I got laid off by Sun MicroSystems after they purchased StorageTek.  I then went to work for Inovonics Wireless until I retired in Sept of 2016. "

In regards to Military service, Wilma says, "Gordon was in the Navy so I was a Navy Wife."

Significant life events for Wilma include, "The birth of my daughter and grandchildren. The death of my wonderful parents that I will miss forever.  Living in Italy.  Attending the graduation of my oldest grandson Travis from Embry Riddle (ERAU) Daytona Flordia in Dec 2015."

"During the Navy life I have lived in California, Italy, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Once out of the service we came back to Longmont. I have traveled to Hawaii and Mexico. "

"My first memory of LHS was how much I missed all the friends from Mead and we moved into a much bigger school. A shout out to all the good times, good memories and good friends from there.  As I adjusted to the change and made friends at LHS I knew it was a good move.  I enjoyed band and all the trips we took, and the good times in Home Ec with Mrs. Kirk and Mrs. Brown."

Concluding, Wilma says, "I retired in Sept. of 2016 so I am still trying to play catch up after all the years of working, however I love spending time with my dogs and I am now showing my youngest in the local Colorado dog shows and having a blast doing it.  I also enjoy spending time with the grandkids, and doing a lot of sewing and craft projects."

Bill says, "Me and my wife Melinda live east of Longmont near Firestone on two acres. I am retired and like restoring and playing with my car collection of old Fords , mostly Mustangs."
After graduating from LHS,  Candie received her BS Degree in Home Economics Education and Masters Degree in Vocational Education from CSU.

Candie says, "Dave Schey and I were married on June 14, 1970 at the St. Stephan's Church in Downtown Longmont and had our reception in the gardens at Callahan House. My heart broke when Dave passed away in January of 2009."

"I have two amazing daughters! Jennifer married a football coach and has taken us all over the country following his teams! They are currently in Waunakee, Wisconsin where he coaches for the Badgers! My granddaughter, Taylor is 16 and a fabulous gymnast. My grandson, TJ is 14 and plays Basketball, Lacrosse, and Golf! (YAY!!) My younger daughter, Sarah, lives in Longmont and is an Administrator with Guaranty Bank. She's my best friend, keeps me sane, and tries to keep me current with technology and the world in general, which isn't always easy!!" 

"For 32 years I taught Home Economics in the St. Vrain Valley School District, retiring in 2005. I opened Northeast Junior High in 1974, was at LHS in 1982 (talk about deja vu), back to NEJH until 1989 when I went to Longs Peak and taught there until 2005. "

Candie says some significant events in her life have been:  "'Meeting' Dave in a Drama Class at CSU, marrying Dave, the birth of our daughters, our grandchildren, and still living in the house that Dave's parents built in 1948!"

"I haven't gone too far from my roots, born in Longmont, but raised in Firestone, LHS graduate, CSU graduate, back to Longmont and here ever since!"

Special school memories have been:  "Lots of silly times with Kathy, Vicky, and Sherri!! Mr. Stanfield throwing a chalkboard eraser at me for talking and not singing!! Driving my 1964 red convertible Mustang into school from Frederick. And so much more!! "

As for retirement, Candie says, "My retirement jobs include being a Mary Kay Consultant, running an alterations business, and volunteering as a member of the Callahan House Board and the Historical Hoverhome Committee. My passion is the preservation of Historic Longmont! Oh, and I try to play golf!"

After graduating from LHS, Jack (now going by Jake) went on to get a  Business degree from University of Colorado, and a Law degree from University of Oklahoma.

Regarding marriage, Jake says, "I've had a couple "partners" . . . I am currently single and looking."

Continuing, Jake adds, "I am the father of five - 3 boys & 2 girls. I lost one son, Scott, at age 32 in 2012 in an unfortunate accident.  I have 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson, and another grandson on the way. "

"Like the life guru, Yogi Berra once said, "when you get to a fork in the road . . take it".  Growing up in the trucking business, I became the Presidnet of Edson Express after finishing law school.  The truckline was sold in 1990.  Since then I have owned metal construction companies, a couple real estate brokerages in Scottsdale, a real estate development firm, and a mining company with an environmental focus.  Been told I have ADD and might grow up someday."

Jake says, "The most significant events in my life were the births of my children and the loss of Scott, a great kid."  

Travelwise, Jake tells us, "In addition to Colorado, I have lived in Arizona and Oklahoma (twice). My travels have taken me to all 50 states and parts of Europe." 

"My special memories of LHS are mostly sports related, especially moments spent with two classmates lost, Bill Hanson and Jeff Brezina.  I have fond memories of many teachers . . . and a certain redhead."  

"I am not now and will likely never retire, but I enjoy playing tennis and golf, CU football & basketball games, and still fish and hunt.  I especially love to simply hang out with my children and grandchildren watching as their lives unfold."
Kaye (Kadie) says, "After graduating from LHS, I received a BS in Psychology from CSU, though I split my education years in the middle by teaching 5th and 6th grade students in Louisville, KY for one year between sophomore and junior years. I left for Kentucky the day after I completed my studies at CSU to continue the summer employment I had had for six summers at a Girl Scout camp near Louisville, then remained in Kentucky for career employment (and still live there today)."

Kadie continues, "With no regrets, I never married. My life has been full and very rewarding."

Kadie has, "No children, but a bunch of great-nieces/nephews (and now a bunch of great great-nieces/nephews)!"

Career details for Kadie:  "After finishing my BS, and at the end of my last year of summer employment, I remained in Kentucky to begin what turned out to be a 35-year career with professional Girl Scouting. I also took on a second job (intending it to be a fill-in job before my Girl Scout job was scheduled to begin in September), and am still involved with the historic steamboat Belle of Louisville, the oldest operating river steamboat in the world. Not too shabby, I'd say. This August I will celebrate my 46th anniversary with the Belle, currently as her Education Coordinator. Regretfully, the job does mean I cannot attend the reunion, though, as has been the case with each reunion, as I cannot be gone from this area between June and November."

Special life memories for Kadie:  "I've been fortunate in life to have traveled many places and seen many things in the US and around the world. I'm a published author of booklets, articles, and books, and in 1998 I fell from a horse (while fulfilling my Girl Scout job duties) and have had many resulting challenges from that experience. However, though I now walk with a cane and have what I call a "broken body," I'm still able to carry on a pretty normal life."

Kadie says, "Since leaving college, my only residence has been in Kentucky. I have been lucky enough to have visited every US state except Hawaii and several other countries."

Regarding memories of school days, Kadie says:  "I have to admit, I have many good memories of my high school years, and much of my succes in life began there. Though I have stayed in contact with only a few of my school mates over the years, I am grateful to have been inspired, shaped, and supported by many during my time at Longmont High."

Kadie is working part time and seasonally (currently), but, she adds,  "when you're doing what you love to do, it's not work. I volunteer for a local history museum as much as I can."

After Mark graduated from LHS, he attended Kansas Wesleyan University 1 yr. Transferred to Western State College got a B.A. 1972 Moved to Minnesota and received a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota.

Mark tells us that he, "Met my Wife Marilyn at Western State in Gunnison, Married after we graduated ."

Mark and Marilyn have, "Two children: Kirk, Living in Phoenix area. Britney, living in Denver area. One grand son and one grand daughter on the way."

Mark's career includes, "Teacher and Coach in the Elementary, Middle school, High School and College levels. Taught in many small towns in Colorado and Minnesota."

Mark served in the Army Reserve.

Significant life events for Mark are:  "Married 45 years.  Experienced coaching and teaching young people and watching them grow and mature.  Was influenced by some very fine teachers & coaches.  Lost my younger brother last year to poor health habits."

Mark has, "Lived in Gunnison, Fowler ,Fairplay, Walsh, Evans, Johnstown, Littleton Colorado. St. Paul Minnesota. Santa Ana, California. Traveled to Sweden,Norway& Denmark."

His special memories of Longmont and LHS are:  "Great school system with caring teachers and coaches. Moving from the old high school to the new high school and all its special facilities and excitement. TAC and the old Memorial building for all of the dances and the Sounds of Silence band. Many exciting sporting events with Coach Everly, Johnson, Brooks, and Decker. "

Mark's retirement is busy with, "Golf, Bowling, Woodworking and construction projects. Babysitting the grand child."
Patty says, "After High School, in 1968 John Davis and I married and had 2 daughters,--Lara, who now teaches school in Simi Valley, Ca. and Jessica now living in Aurora and is a Certified Addiction Counselor. I am very grateful for and was very blest by being able to be a stay at home Mom, working only some part time jobs. I was also able to be involved in Bible Study Fellowship and served in alot of capacities over the 10 years in Longmont's BSF. we moved very briefly to Ca. and I was involved in a Bible Study there and made friends from that group that I have to this day.We lived again in Longmont from '82-92. In '92 we decided to sell and move to Arvada (Gary Taylor being our Realtor----miss him!) I've always remembered what Queen Elizabeth said regarding 1992. She said 1992 was an" Annus Horribilis" and my" Annus Horribilis" began the fall of 1992 and continued into the fall of 1993 when our divorce was finalized and then into Dec. when my Father lost his 5 year cancer battle. I did get a 6week RR during that time frame and visited Lara in Germany and traveled around that area. In 1993 I went back to BSF, this time in Northglen , and served there for 4 years. 1998 found me on a Mission trip to Kiev working on a remodeling crew as we were converting an old building into a Bible College. Nov. '98 I began Flight Attendant training w/ Frontier Airlines and am there to this day still loving it!" 

Patty also tells us, "We have 4 grown Grandchildren. Tawni belongs to Lara and she is in the Business Masters Program at Pepperdine. Jessica has 3 children, Akaysha will begin CU Medical school in Aug., Zandreya is just returning from 7 months in Australia where she studied with the Christian group YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and went on a mission trip to Papua New Guinea. Tremayne got to visit her for 2 weeks. He is now home and deciding his future pursuits."
After high school Yoli says, "No I did not go on to College. "​

"I married my high school sweetheart when my family returned from the Panama Canal, where my dad was station from 1964-1967. This was also where I graduated from high school.Married to Leroy for 44 years when he passed away to cancer in 8/12/2012."

"Leroy Ortega and I married in August 1968, lived in Longmont until 1978 then transferred to Tucson, AZ with IBM. We had two daughters, Keri now 43 and Andrea 38. We have three grandchildren, Brandon 22, Vanessa soon to be 16 (next Friday) and Ella 3. "

Careerwise, Yoli says, "We both worked at IBM, Leroy more than me. But we both retired from IBM and moved back to Colorado in 1992, settling in Broomfield, CO."

"Having been an Army brat as many of you know, lived in many different places always to return to Longmont and loved seeing my friends. (Linda Yeager, Patty Goldsworthy, Nancy Burger and so many more)."

She continues, saying, "I remember when I was in High School in Panama, our school was in a Cheerleading magazine that apparently was also in the US and my friends at LHS like Nancy saw me in it at LHS. That was cool at the time. "

"I've lived in alot of different places that include, Germany, Panama Canal and other places in the US. Always returning to Colorado when we could not travel with my Dad."

Telling about her special memories of Longmont, Yoli says, "I just have a lot of fond memories of many different times that we would all meet up at the Trojan and the time that I stole my mothers car and picked up a couple of friends and we dragged main, even thought I didn't have a license at the time." 

"Currently retired, but do some part-time jobs just to stay busy and active."
After LHS, Gary furthered his education and, "Went to Baptist Bible College in Denver CO and Faith Baptist College in Ankeny Iowa."

Gary says he, " and Glenda (Taylor) from Idaho Springs CO were married June 20, 1970."

He adds, "We had three children. James who was born December 22, 1978 in Rapid City South Dakota (died September 15, 2010) lived in Wisconsin; Gara born December 13, 1981, lives in Littleton CO where she works in the medical field; Greta born March 2, 1984 she lives in Canaan Indiana with her husband Adam where they own a country western radio station and Adam pastors a church and they have two girls Sara Kay 7 and Alliah 5."

Career wise, Gary continues, "I Have done church work (youth pastor, pastor; Colorado, Texas, Montana, South Dakota). Along with that I have ranched, farmed, carpentered, drove truck (Colorado, Texas, Montana, South Dakota). I retired after 40 years of driving truck from Consolidated Frieghtways (plus a couple of other trucking firms). I have also retired from pastoring Calvary Baptist Church in Ft. Lupton Colorado after 26 years and am Pastor Emeritus at the church now."

For Gary significant life events has been, "Watching my kids grow up and now spending time with our grand kids."

The Goulds' have lived in Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Montana

For school memories, Gary tells us, " I guess I would have to say it was riding the bus from Niwot with all the kids from out there."

Finally, Gary says, "We still live on a small acrage and close to my mom who we look after and still work at the church in Ft. Lupton. We had the privilage to look after my dad before he died and several of of Glenda's family before they also died. We try to get away to Indiana as often as we can to see our daughter and grandchildren."
Curtis tells us, "I did not go to Longmont High my senior year. I was traveling with the group "Up With People" and took correspondence courses on the road.  I got to come back for graduation from L.H.S. so I have 2 diplomas.  I went to C.S.U. for the spring quarter of 1968 and then transferred to North Texas State University in Denton, Tx.  I graduated in 1972."

He goes on to say, "Throughout college I was singing in Dallas.  I met my wife Connie while working for Country Dinner Playhouse.  We were married in a 3 inch ice storm in Dallas on January 6th, 1973."

"After 44 years of wedded bliss, we are very proud of our kids: son Casey/April-grandkids Colby, Chandler, Carson. Caleb and Cade. Daughter Andi/Jason-grandkids Hunter and Waylon. Seven grandsons no granddaughters. Can you say TESTOSTERONE."

"In 1983 we took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville,Tn.  I got a job singing at a restaurant/club called The Stockyard which gave me the chance to meet many people in the music business.  From there I got into music publishing working for Famous Music Publishing Co. ,a division of Paramount Pictures.  Our biggest success was winning a Grammy for song of the year for "I Hope You Dance" sung by Lee Ann Womack in 2000."

Curtis lists as a significant event, "Accompanied Chet Atkins on guitar while he sang. Go figure!!!"

Then he says, "On our 25th anniversary Connie and I went to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.It is our favorite spot.  We go there often."

Memories from LHS: Losing weight every week for wrestling to make my weight class(not good).  Mickey Cooke and I going to McDonalds in Boulder in his 1955 Cadillac after the match for burgers, fries and a chocolate shake(really good).   Charlie Stanfield and concert choir.

These days Curtis is "playing golf and cycling".
Bob tells us that, "After LHS I enrolled at CU where I was roommates with Tom Hipster and Bill Brubaker as a freshman. I graduated with a BS degree in Finance with a minor in Engineering. I went to graduate school at UNC, Greely where I got a teaching certificate to teach math at the secondary level."

Marriage wise, we learn that, "I met my wife Sandy in Vail and we were married in 1979."

"We have two sons, Josh and Tyler. We have one granddaughter, Ophellia who is 7 months old as of 7/20/17."

Bob's interesting jobs include, "I joined the Peace Corps 2 years after college and served in the Dominican Republic. I worked for Vail Associates for 13 years starting as a ski tech and eventually working as Supervisor of all ski and repair stores. My summers during this time were usually spent working as a land surveyor. I worked for one year as a middle school teacher on Maui, Hawaii. I worked for a civil engineering firm in Fort Collins as a licensed land surveyor for the majority of my remaining career."

Ssignificant events in Bob's life include, "The Peace Corps was an amazing experience although very challenging. Living in Vail, marrying my wife and having our sons born there is a special memory for me. Having a granddaughter is so much fun and we spoil her as often as we can. " 

Bob says, "I have lived in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Vail, Maui, Fort Collins, and now Loveland. We love to travel and have been to the majority of the islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Alaska, the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, and Germany. "

His special memories you of Longmont and LHS include, "Football games, track meets, great friends, dragging Main, and telling a joke in front of a student assembly and no one laughed, so much for my comedy career!"

In his retirement, Bob says, "We have a great fitness facility in Loveland called the Cilson Center. I love to do Zumba, Country Cardio. Golf, skiing,fishing, hiking and gardening."
Marlys says, "Wow! 50 years!  How fast the years go by!  We graduate from high school and then the real world happens.  After graduation I worked a temporary job in Boulder until I enrolled in the Executive Secretarial Course at Central Business College in Denver.  After completing my degree in Executive Secretarial Administration I went to work in 1968 for Dow Chemical at Rocky Flats."

"I got engaged to Jim Baldwin in August of 1968 and we were married on January 25th, 1970. 47 years and still together. "

"Our two children, Jason and Sarah, are now grown and we are blessed with five grandchildren.  My parents are now gone and Jim's mother is in New Mexico.  One of the demands of life is that we go where our work takes us.  This was true of Jim's career.  We were away from our families for 21 years.  Now we would like to be closer to our children but Jason's career has taken him to Satanta, Kansas and Sarah's has taken her to Omaha, Nebraska."  

Career wise, Marlys tells us, "While in Seattle I worked for the University Of Washington's College of Fisheries.  One nice benefit was lunch at Ivar's Salmon House restaurant.  I also worked at Stretch and Sew while in San Diego that allowed me to indulge in my love of sewing.  I worked as a preschool playground aid while Jim was assigned to the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton."

Marlys was a Navy Wife, and says, "Jim served 21 years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman which necessitated many moves, first to Seattle and then several different California locales including: Vallejo; Orange County; San Diego and finally Camp Pendleton before Jim retired.  All of these moves resulted in my working many different jobs among which the most challenging was perhaps being a military wife.  It is said by many who are in the service that the toughest job in the military is being a military wife.  It was certainly challenging and that kind of life is not for everyone but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.  We were able to see so much of the American West and and have so many terrific memories."

Significant life events include, "Cancer in 2003 was a tough time but I am thankfully still in remission.  Getting married and the births of our wonderful children and now grandchildren have to rank right up there."

"Upon retiring from the Navy we decided we wanted to move “back home”.  But, as a sage once said, “You can never go home again”.  Longmont had grown too big for us.  It wasn't the hometown we knew while growing up.  We chose instead to settle in Loveland where my parents lived at the time and also because Loveland offered a vibrant artist community.  Jim worked for CSU before going back to school and earning his BA in the Visual Arts.  He has worked for McKee Medical Center for 15 years.  I worked for the City of Loveland in the Building Division and then as a clerk for the Municipal Court."  

Marlys' special memories of LHS include, "Oh the fun of Pep Rallies, piano accompaniest for Glee Club, and studying latin with Ms. Boyce.  Oh yeah, high school football games!"

These days Marlys says, "I remain active in my church serving as a deacon and as a Sunday School teacher.  I love working with the kids.  I also practice Tai Chih Chih. Jim and I also enjoy riding bicycles around Loveland."
Don says, "Sharon and and I are happy and healthy here in Sun City Az.  We talked about coming up  many times but its just hard to give up the 120 degree temps in July for your cool 85s.  Sharon keeps real busy with her craft projects  and I tend bar for something to do from 6am till noon five days  a week.  It keeps me real busy and I have fun doing it.  Hard to believe people party that time of the day but they do.  I hope this note finds your family well.  The nite of the reunion Sharon and I will toast you and all of our 67 friend and wish you all the best health and happiness!"
After LHS, Norm received his "BS University of Colorado -- Boulder; MS University of Colorado -- Boulder"

Norm married "Catherine Gray, Minneapolis, MN -- met at the University in Boulder. Married 27+ years. Death in 1998 -- Cancer. Married Cindy Poor from Hampstead , NH in 1999.  Met in a cancer clinic in Tijuana, MX and became long distance grief partners. Which led to marriage. " 

Norm has "5 children with first wife, 3 girls & 2 boys. Norman W. Haubert (CU GRAD) (wife Denise) -- Kiowa, CO -- Commander, Police Department, City of Westminster. Daughter Stephanie Haubert -- Frederick, CO -- Repsiratory Therapist, Good Samaritan Hospital. Daughter Sarah Dunham (CU GRAD) -- Bookkeeping, Accounting, Erie, CO. -- 2 grandchildren Grayson & Juliette. John Haubert (wife Kendra) -- Full Time National Guard -- was in the Marines served a couple of tours in Iraq -- 2 grandchildren Kiya & Eliza. Daughter Ann Kienholz (FR CC & Ames College) (husband Jim) -- Johnstown, CO, her own property namgement / real estate business. 1 Stepson through Cindy -- Curtis Poor (wife Gail) -- BA, Ozark Christian -- Pastor, Real Life Chrisitian Church, Virginia Beach, VA."

Careerwise, Norm spent "40 years as a teacher -- Middle School & Elementary School. 32 years Boilder Valley Schools, 8 years Rocky Muntain Christian Academy. High School Basketball coach. High school Football official -- 20 years? "

Norm tells us that regarding military service he had "None. Draft lottery # was 286, I believe they got through #283. Anyway it was only 3 away."

Significant life events have been:  Marriages. Birth of kids, birth of grandkids. Retirement

Norm says he has "Lived near Longmont all my life,, mostly in Broomfield. Returned to Longmont in 2000. Visited most of the US , parts of Canada, couple trips to Mexico, Israel. "

Remembering LHS and Longmont, Norm says, "Mostly good times with friends -- it is amazing we are still alive after some of those times. Pranks at school. Sporting events wer e big in my life even if I was the "smallest " guy in school until my senior year. How about my freshman year running around the corner in the hallway and bumping into Ted Erfert's belt buckle with my nose?"

Retirement for Norm means "Grandparenting is a joy, Hiking, Biking, elder at Calvary Church (Longmont), serving on the board of a nonprofit, Square dancing, round dancing, grief counseling."
Tom says that after LHS, "I attended the University of Colorado College of Engineering and graduated as a Civil Engineer with a minor in Accounting in 1973. During my work as an engineer and surveyor in Anchorage, Alaska, I returned to school at the University of Alaska-Anchorage and completed all of the course work necessary to go to dental school. I then attended the University of Nebraska's College of Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated in 1985."

"While attending CU, I met my future wife, Karen McCallister at the Kittredge dormitories and were married in 1970. At that time, she discontinued her studies and went to work for the University of Colorado. I also went to work at Rocky Flats for the next three years and continued to work towards completing my degree in Civil Engineering until graduation in August 1973".

"Karen and I were blessed with our daughter, Heather, in 1971. Heather then gave us four grandchildren, three girls and a boy. The two oldest girls attend the U.S. Air Force Academy and the boy is in development training with the Portland Timbers soccer team. The youngest girl is still at home. We love being part of their lives."

"Upon graduating from the University of Colorado, Karen, Heather and I moved to Anchorage, Alaska where I took a job as an engineering consultant. Over the course of the next nine years, I worked as a civil engineer and surveyor which gave me the opportunity to travel to all corners of Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands and the Pribilofs. After graduating from dental school in 1985, I opened a private general dental practice in Anchorage and owned and operated until June 2012 when I sold the practice. I currently own a bookkeeping business, something that I can easily operate while traveling around."

Tom also says, "I joined the Army Reserves in 1968 and was trained as a heavy equipment operator. The majority of my time in the Army was spent in Boulder and I completed my service in Anchorage in 1974."

"Significant events in my life are the marriage to my wife, Karen, the birth of my daughter, Heather, our move to Alaska, the marriage of our daughter and the birth of our four grandchildren. The most significant event in my life has been the passing of my parents, Paul and Mary."

"We have lived in Anchorage, Alaska for the last 44 years. Karen and I love to travel and when you live in Alaska, traveling becomes part of your life. We have been fortunate to have visited virtually all of the U.S. in addition to western Canada and the Yukon, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain and Scotland. We currently travel as snowbirds during the winter and spend the majority of our time at Lake Havasu, AZ. On our drive trips to and from Alaska each spring and fall, we love to seek out new roads to travel and always try to explore some area of the country that we have not previously visited."

Tom continues, "Going to school in Longmont was such a great experience! Longmont at that time was a small town, but not too small. We had the benefit of having cross town rivalries that merged into a generally coherent and strong high school student body. We had a great time in school, learned a lot and were fortunate to have good teachers and coaches. We were given a well rounded education and exposed to many life experiences in Longmont. TAC Club, the school dances, the unbelievable school spirit at sporting events, the exposure to world class music with the likes of the Moonrakers and the Astronauts made my high school experience totally unforgettable."

"I am retired from private practice dentistry, but continue to work on a limited part time basis at the Anchorage Native Medical Health Center as a general dentist. I continue to operate my private bookkeeping business as a means of keeping busy. Later this year, I will begin performing radiologic inspections of dental x-ray and CT machines throughout Alaska."

Sherri says, "First of all a warm "Hello" to all of the Mead Elementary and Mead Jr. High school friends! We had quite a time growing up together and riding the hideous school bus!

Wilma Dalpra, your family worked so hard on the dairy. "Did you get up at 5:00 AM? "We had some crazy times with our Middle school teachers. I especially enjoyed Mrs. Johnson (Walt Johnsons' mom). She is the reason I became a teacher!

Next, a special bank of memories to my Longmont High friends. The special times spent over-nite at Kathy Makings (Wright's) home. The Ouji board, and SEVENTEEN magazine were some experiencs to be remembered! Times shared working with girlfriends at DELCAMINO RESTAURANT. Candi Schey (Dixon). Boy was I ever mad at you when you put the " I'd rather switch than fight" advertisement in my locker ! Of course I had a black eye! Ha ha! I guess I didn't stay mad forever, you were in my wedding!

It doesn't seem possible that all of these years have passed. I look forward to seeing old friends, and to making new ones! Blessings to all of us from MEAD ELEMENTARY and LHS!
After graduation, Rick continued his studies getting:  BA University of Wyoming; Paralegal Certificate Devner Paralegal Institute; JD Empire College School of Law

Rick married Janie Brannin on 12/7/02 although we were together a few years before that. She died of cancer in July 2016.

Rick says, "I have managed retail stores, worked as a paralegal and then as an attorney. For the last 19 years or so I have been working in private school education, both as an administrator and most recently as an instructor."

Rick says a special event in his life was "I quit drinking in 1985, which allowed me to attain some elusive goals. "

Rick lived in northern California from 1989 to 1999.  He has mostly been in Colorado. Boulder for a couple of years, Colorado Springs for a couple of years. Somehow he seems to always find his way back to Longmont.  

Rick says a special memory from his days at LHS is, "What sticks the most is when I was in class in the main street high on November 22, 1963, when the announcement came that JFK had been shot. "

Rick is now actively teaching 4 hours a day 4 days a week. He says, "Keeps me just busy enough. I play with my Corvette in my spare time, spend time in the mountains and read a bit."

After LHS, Sally says, "I graduated from Greeley, Colorado State College with a theater major/ dance minor . I continued my education at University of Missouri in English Education for High school and Junior High."​​​

"I married Tom Dodd 1971. We still live together in Poplar Bluff, MO."

"I have one son, Matt and a daughter, Courtney. Matt Moved back to Poplar Bluff,Mo. from Colorado with his wife and opened a restaurant here. Courtney Is a glass blower. She has her glass in 5 different galleries in 5 different states. I have one grand daughter, 11 months old. I take care of her everyday. She is the light of my life."

Careerwise, Sally tells us, "I taught English, theater and speech for 9 years before I had my children. I stayed home and decorated cakes for weddings and birthdays. I have sold everything from jewerlry to longaberger baskets. I enjoyed our farm the most when it was a working cattle farm. My husband got ill and we had to let that part of our lives go."

"My husband was in the Air Force. We spent three years at Seymor Johnson in Goldsboro, North Carolina I loved the Air Force life."

Significant life events for Sally have been, "The births of our children and grandchildren. The births of my foals and the calves. The friends made and lost.  Wish I had never left Colorado. I miss it.  It is hot and muggy here. The bugs are awful." 

"I have been lucky enough to have visited some wonderful places. Turkey was my favorite. We visited all the places Paul spoke or had churches.  It was a really wonderful trip.  My favorite part was the home of Mary, the mother of Jesus . So moving It made the Bible so very real.  We lived in Columbia Mo. Tuscaloosa Alabama,Golsboro North Carolina and Poplar Bluff, MO."
Her special memories of Longmont and LHS include, "So many.  I guess choir ,games, and plays. The Sound of Music and speech meets. Track. The state meet getting rained out. Too many to even remember."
In retirement, she says, "I take care of our house, yard and our grandchild."
After LHS, Don Graduated from DeVry Chicago

Marriagewise, Don tells us, "First wife Chris Iverson (Divorced after having 5 children) Remarried to present Wife Sharon Hendershot she had two children." 

Don's children are: "Toni (48) has 5 , Becky (45) has 2, Brian (44) has 3, Sidney (35) has 2 and Lindsay (33) has 1. That's it 13 grandchildren, and 4 Great Grand children."

Don says he "Worked for Cessna Aircraft for 10 years, then Yingling Aviation as an avionics Technition."

Don served in the US Air Force

Significant life events for Don include "Earned my pilots licence working for Cessna, then go my General class Ham licence, Over the years sharon and I have hosted exchange students from Russia, Columbia, Norway, Germany, Thailand, Finland, Spain and China."

Don says he has lived in or traveled to "Longmont Colorado, Cheyenne Wyoming, Wichita Kansas, Norway, Hawaii, Alaska, Cozumel Mexico, all 50 states,Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland,"

Special LHS memories for Don are: "Spending time in MR Bakers Electronics lab as lab assistant with Ron Morton, Or the time we gave Mr Standfield a shock intended for Mark in Boys Glee"

In retirement, Don says, "I am involved with the local Mustang club here in Wichita, showing my car at car shows, Wood working, Electronic projects, Going on Cruises,, traveling (Yes I still travel quite a bit,) going camping"
After graduation, Ken attended Northeasrtern Junior College and Colorado Mountain College.​

Ken married Marcia Jaffee 1981 , divorced 2006. Married Cheryl Miller 2010-- current.

Ken has two children.  A son Justin 31, lives in Washington DC. and a daughter Jennifer 26, living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Ken's careers include being a carpenter for 5 years till 1979, then stockbroker till now 38 years. Business owner since 2002. 

Ken served in the US Army, Hawk Missile System, 3years, Germany. 

Special events in Ken's life include having lived in Aspen, skied and worked many jobs 4 years and moved to Maui Hawaii for 1 year, and then have been in the Twin Cities since.

Ken has traveled to: New Zealand, Austrailia, Brazil, Ecuador, Korea, Singapor, Bali, Tahati, Morraco, India, Croatia, Panama, Coata Rica, Most of Europe, Mexico Canada and the Carribean

Ken has a special LHS memory of watching Marty Burger play football with one arm tapped to his chest, 

Ken says he is now transitioning to retirement, learning to copy Picasso and other great artists, currently building a gallery onto my home.

After graduating from LHS, Linda attended Central Business College, Denver, CO Continuing education in Marketing and Human Resources. 

Linda was married to her first husband in 1968, then later divorced.  She married Walt Boles in 1984 and he passed away in 1991 after 6 month illness.  

Linda says she has "no children but did have step children. "

Career wise, Linda worked in retail management until 1984. " In 1984 I started working as an office manager for a structural engineering firm until retirement in 2015. Gained a tremendous amount of knowledge of the AEC industry, it’s laws regarding contracts, insurance coverages, and limited knowledge of architecture and engineering. (ie reading blueprints, shop drawings, federal, state and local requirements for new construction and renovations of existing buildings and historical buildings). Ours was a multi-office company and therefore had to have knowledge of human resource laws and local municipalities laws and requirements as well as different states requirements for our engineers and corporations to do business in those states. Worked on marketing proposals for all types of industry." 

Significant life events for Linda includes  having been a cancer survivor for 36 years.  She also includes, "Marrage (mine and step children and grandkids) and births of step-grandchildren. Working with single ministries in church. Serving on the Board of Directors for 8 years Alabama Chapter of Society for Marketing Professional Services. "

Linda says she has lived in Mississippi, Alabama but Colorado will always be home.  She has traveled throughout the USA, Mexico and Carrabbian. 

Special school memories for Linda include, "Dragging Main, Friends and classmates."

These days Linda keeps busy, as she puts it,  "I volunteer for and work with rescue animals, their adoptions and animal welfare."
Judy tells us, "I left LHS and worked at NOAA while attending school in Greeley. However, I received a job offer from the CIA and retired after 32 years." 

Judy says, "I married in 1976 and was divorced in 1990."  

"I have two children, Jennifer and Jason. Jennifer and I live in a condo in Reston, Virginia. My son, Jason, died in 1997. He was laid to rest at Longmont's Foothills Cemetery."

Career wise, Judy goes on to say, "My life has been full and interesting with my career."

For significant life events, Judy says, "After 16 years, my daugther, Jennifer, was recently promoted to Vice President at Northwest Federal Credit Union. We are diehard Pittsburgh fans and go to Pittsburgh every year to attend Pirates, Steelers or Penguins games."

"I have lived in Northern Virginia when not traveling in the Foreign Service, which includes two PCS tours in Panama and Indonesia, multiple TDYs to include Russia, Jordan, Cuba, Azerbaijan and Bosnia, with extenstive travel throughout Asia."

Special memories of LHS include, "I remember some great friendships and being able to play sports."

"Although retired and still working full time as a government contractor, I am also a 21 year life member with Centreville Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia and a Member of Fairfax County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). For 30 years I had a thriving cake/catering business. Now when I bake - it's for fun!"
After Bob graduated from LHS, he, "Attended University of Northern Colorado. BA 1971 Spanish Major/French Minor , MA 1981 Foreign Languages, 1984 Type D Administrator Certificate." ​

Bob, "Married Cynthia Noxon 1976, Divorced 1988, Married Sally Eastin 1997 and still happily together."

Bob's family includes, "Stepson Garrett Eastin age 25. Garrett graduated from UNC in 2015 and works in Accounting and Marketing for Oliver Peoples in Los Angeles . Son Luis Lopez is a sophomore at Erie High school."

"Began teaching career in 1971 in Jefferson County Schools.  Taught Junior High and High School Spanish and French and coached basketball and track for 10 years. Was a Junior High and Middle School Assistant Principal for 9 years, 1981 to 1990.  Left Jeffco in 1990 to be the Principal at Franklin Middle School in Greeley from 1990-1994, and then as Administrator of Human Resources from 1994-1996.  From 1996 to 2002 was the Executive Director of Human Resources for Harrison School District, Adams 50 School District and Boulder Valley School District was my last position before I retired.  I stayed home with my 2 year old son Luis for two years until he started pre-school and did some fun jobs like working for the Colorado Rockies for two seasons, selling new cars for Fischer in Boulder, owning a Coffee Shop in Boulder for two years, taking a one year teaching assignment for a teacher on leave at Monarch High and since then working part-time as a Community Liaison. " 

Bob remembers when he, "Watched Birthdays being drawn on television to be drafted for Vietnam, but my birthday was drawn high and I was not drafted.  I got to finish college."

He tells us, "Definitely the most significant event in my life was the birth of my son Luis and being a stay at home dad with him after I retired and my wife went back to work. I loved coaching my sons in basketball and baseball when they were young. Being elected to Leadership positions in College and Professionally. President of Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity and President of the Junior Class at UNC, President of CASPA -Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators and President of CASE- Colorado Association of School Executives. Owned an Ice Cream Parlour in Larimer Square in the late 70's while teaching full time. Continued to run competitive 5 K's, 10 K's, Half Marathons and Marathons until the knees gave out in 1995."  

"When I was teaching I took many student trips to Europe and visited France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and England. Also took many trips to Mexico and also Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands."

He continues, "My special memories of LHS were participating in Track and Cross Country and the many friends I had on those teams. I had the pleasure and benefit of having Mr. Sorrell for my coach and mentor. I also remember Zelma Jennings as a kind and caring teacher,  person and mother of my friend Rick Jennings."

"Although I retired from full time work in Colorado Public Education in 2002, I continue to to work part time in a school. As a Community Liaison I am able to help the underserved students and their parents with free/reduced lunches, computer enrollments, medical services, transportation, housing, clothing and also writing translations and serving as an interpreter for the Spanish speaking families. I walk 2-3 miles every day with my dog Sandy on the open space trails near my home , watch a lot of Baseball ( my son's teams and the Rockies ) fly fish and take trips with my wife and son during holiday breaks and the Summer.  My wife is a special education teacher and so the three of us have the same school year vacations."
Ed tells us that, "After our high school graduation, in the fall of 1967, I entered the Engineering School of the University of Colorado in Boulder with a scholarship. I studied Aerospace Engineering for 2 ½ years followed by one semester in the school of Arts and Sciences."

"I did not serve in the military, but I sincerely want to thank all of you who did!"

Ed describes the special events in his life this way, "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is the meaning of life? These are questions which I wanted answered. I grew up in a loving home with parents who did their best for their family including taking us to church. I grew up believing that if I could be good enough I would get to heaven. I did have a clear sense that I was not living up to God’s standard, but, at about the time of my High School graduation, I made a conscious decision to leave the church in which I had been raised. In doing so, I turned away from what light I had to guide and protect me in life. I turned to the ways of the world. I gave myself over to the desires of the flesh and the mind. By nature, I was a child of wrath, like the rest of mankind. I think this decision I made and the direction I took helped set me up for what happened next. In college, I was deceived by and, then, entrapped in an eastern meditation practice and teaching (Transcendental Meditation (TM)). I also got some of my family involved. Very close to the time I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation I met my future wife who was a very beautiful, highly intelligent, talented and caring person studying for her PhD in Physiological Psychology. Before we were married in Florida at the end of that school year, I had influenced her to become involved in TM also. After our marriage, my wife and I received training to become teachers of Transcendental Meditation (TM) under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (yes, of Beatles’ fame) in Maine, Spain, Italy, Iowa, and Switzerland. I thought I was on the path that would lead to the ultimate fulfillment of life and became more and more taken in by and absorbed in a total world view that seemed to hold the answers to the mysteries of life and would be our life’s work. What began with such hope however ended in despair and agony bringing me to the brink of death. God has said in His Word in Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 (ESV) “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the ways of death.” Thank you LHS class of 1967 for choosing Moreen Wimer and I as hardest workers but what I did in my life was to work myself into deep darkness from which only God Himself could have rescued me. About six years prior to the events I am describing in my life, my sister, Jeneane (class of 1965), had received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She and friends began praying for my wife and me. She sent us Bibles, books about the Bible, musical albums, magazines and cassette tapes with messages of Bible teaching. Some of these we threw away, but did keep the Bibles, some books, and albums. One day I had what I can only describe as a desire to listen to one of the albums. I listened to it one day on our stereo, and, then, listened again the next day. While listening that second day, I had a powerful sense that Jesus Christ Himself was present with me (though I did not see Him). I became acutely aware of my own sin and sinfulness, my need of His forgiveness and that I wanted Him. The album I was listening to is a musical titled ‘His Love Reaching’ and truly His love reached all the way to where I was! In the beginning of the album two songs (a hymn ‘Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne’ and ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’) come together in an invitation to welcome and receive the risen Christ. I began to sing along with the words and music of the album receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior: ‘O come to my heart Lord Jesus. There is room in my heart for thee’. I really was, in my intent, singing directly to Him. God made me a new creation in Christ. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. I found in real time experience that our problem is not outside of us and the answer within us as the world says and as TM propounded. But the problem is within us (sin) and the answer outside us in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There have been many very difficult and traumatic things that have happened since that day. My wife and I separated and remained separated for seven years before divorcing. I have continued to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. She has not. The Lord Jesus Christ has been with me and brought me through and, in many cases, delivered me from physical health issues, emotional pain, anxieties, fears and more. When I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, God’s inexpressible gift, He gave me the gift of eternal life in Christ. With His life in me by the Spirit of God He has transformed every moment of my life so that everything that comes my way good or hurtful, pleasant or painful, mundane or special into something that works for my good and His eternal glory. I can say without reservation that He has been faithful. He Who has begun a good work in me will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Truly the Lord Jesus Christ has given me beauty for ashes. What about you, my precious classmates whom I love in truth? How are you and where are you at with God? How can we be prepared to live if we are not prepared to die? For it is appointed unto man to die once, and after that comes judgment. Many of our classmates have already died. That is very sobering to me. Certainly, each of us has fewer years ahead of us than behind us. I hope we can talk at the reunion. Your story is all important: to you, your family, to we your classmates, to God for time and for eternity. But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. John 1:12, 13 ESV"

Special memories of Longmont and LHS for Ed include, "The majority of our 1967 class were born in 1949 one year following one of the most momentous events in world history: the rebirth of the nation of Israel on May 14, 1948. Then, at the time of our high school graduation, the six-day war occurred in Israel. I remember hearing in the news about the war but had no understanding then of its immense importance. This is even more meaningful to me now because I have been able to enjoy a tour of Israel."
​​Chuck says, "I attended Northeastern Jr. College in Sterling Colorado with my roommate Rick Dell, the fall of '67 and the spring & fall of '68.  I took a few months off to work and then enrolled at Aims Jr. College in Greeley Colorado, the fall of '69, living in a house with Rick Dell, Mike Jones, Walt Johnson, Steve Foster, Dave Johnson and Larry Scheopner. It was like being back in high school.  We all listened on the radio as the first Draft Lottery numbers were drawn on December 1, 1969, knowing that our lives could change dramatically, depending on the numbers drawn that night.  I was called for my draft physical two months later, I passed, and I quit school the next day, going back to work for my dad and waiting for the future. I finally earned an AA degree 20 years later from Central Arizona College."

Chuck has been married to Darlene Smith from Englewood, Colorado since 1978.

Chuck continues, "After retiring from the military in August of 2000, I went to work as a contractor to the U S Government for the next 11 years. I was the Comptroller for a government of Singapore Apache Helicopter unit stationed in Tucson, Arizona, managing million of dollars paid to the US by Singapore."

Regarding his military service, Chuck tells us, "I joined the Colorado Army National Guard in Longmont in May 1970.  In January 1974 the officers from the Longmont Armory asked me to come to work full time for them as a Civil Service employee.  I started the next day and worked at the Longmont Armory for 2 1/2 years, then moved to the Boulder Armory for the next 5 years.  In August 1981 I was selected to convert my Civil Service GS-7 position to Active Duty at my current military rank, Staff Sergeant, E6.  2 months later on October 1st 1981 I received a direct appointment to Warrant Officer One, and a new job as the supervisor of a new automated repair parts system and warehouse.  Five years later in 1985 I transferred to the Arizona National Guard and helped start a new Aviation Training Site as the Aviation Brigade Logistics Officer.  I continued my service at the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site for 15 years until my retirement in August of 2000.  I retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 4, with 20 years of Active Duty, and 10 years of inactive duty (National Guard Service) for a little over 30 years total."

Some of Chuck most significant life events have been, "Working for and with my dad, Rex Mahoney in his roofing and insulation business from about age 14 to 24.  Best boss ever, no politics, no BS, just get the job done.  Even after a long and successful military career, this was the best job I ever had, and the most fun.  Receiving a direct commission as a Warrant Officer in the Colorado Army National Guard."

"My parents moved to Longmont from Storm Lake Iowa in 1953. I lived in Longmont until 1985 when I moved to Tucson Arizona and have lived there since then."

Special Longmont/LHS memories for Chuck include, "Dragging Main Street, racing on airport road after intramural basketball, Burgers at the Haven, or the Black Angus.  Going to the Star View.  Having a beer at the counter at North Johnson's Corner."

In retirement Chuck is keeping busy. "After 40 years I am still trying to play golf.  I own 4 Ford Mustangs, and have a large detached garage to maintain them in.  I am restoring a 1970 Mustang Mach1."
After graduation, Dave went to Fort Hay State in Hay Kansas where he attended with classmate Mike O'Grady. Dave says, "Mike went 1 year I did 2 years."  Then Dave transfered to Colorado State U and finished his BS Zoology.   He went to University of Norther Colorado for his MS in Biology.  After teaching for awhile and moving to Idaho he completed his Ed. D at The Univeristy of Idaho.

Dave says, "Kathy Wright and I married in December 1968. We are still going strong."

Kathy and Dave adopted 4 kids.  Their oldest, Jason, was killed in a car wreck in 1990.  Mandy currently lives in Idaho. After Jason died they adopted 2 more: Isaac is in Tampa and "our baby girl" went to College of Southern Idaho on a softball scholarship to 2 years then completed her BS N at Idaho State and currently works at St. Al's in Boise.

For Dave some significant events have been his marriage to Kathy Wright on December 22, 1968, and the death of their son, Jason.

Dave has "LOTS" of special memories from LHS.  Quoting Dave, "... Football I played on the line (guard) but at the game in Sterling Randy Peterson dropped the ball, I recovered and made a touchdown, Kathy was on the Pep Club bus that "broke down" and she missed it!!!"

Joyce tells us that regarding further education, "Yes long after LHS .  I went back to school in 1982 at Springdale High In Springdale, AR  and graduated in May of 1982."

She goes on to say, "I married Dale Miller(class of 66) in November of 66 so I actually didn't graduate in 67. I was in the hospital having our daughter on the 7 of June.  Dale and I were married for 3 years then divorced after we had another daughter.  Since then I married 4 more times.  I have had three divorces and two husbands were killed in truck accidents,  I have made my home in and around Fayetteville, AR ."

Joyce says, "I have 4 grand children and 3 great grandchildren." 

Career wise, Joyce has been an Emergency medical technition and Certified nurses aid.

Joyce goes on to say, "I have lived in Colorado, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and ended up in Arkansas."

In retirement, Joyce says, "I spend my time taking care of my 95 year old dad."
  ​​      JOYCE McCOMAS
Sue says, "After graduation, I attended CSU and CU as an Art major."
Then, " In 1976 I married Mike Landers (class of '66) -- we divorced after 26 yrs."
"We have 2 sons,  Josh and Blair -- and 2 grandkids, Isaac (6) and Vivian (3)."
Career wise Sue tells us, "I had always thought I'd like to be an airline "stewardess" when I grew up and so went with TWA -- but only very, very briefly -- It wasn't for me after all!  And actually, my passion has always been decorating, remodeling, staging, creating, and I'm still loving it even after 40 yrs.!"
Regarding significant life events she go on, "I'd say a couple of significant events in my life would have to be my 3 high school yrs. at LHS.   After moving here with my mom and 3 brothers,  it was such a friendly, "grounded" place, unlike the fast-paced southern Calif. where we were from.   (Thank you, Longmont!)
She adds, "And I remember cousin Brian (Schlagel) introducing me around at the Lutheran church ice cream social that 1st summer we arrived --"
"I've lived briefly in Hawaii (mostly prompted by the fact my roommate, Peggy Oliver, and Stan were getting married!  So it just seemed like a good idea!)  I've lived in Chicago, New Orleans, with years in between in either Longmont or Denver."
As for LHS memories, she adds, "I'll always remember the time Mr. Stanfield had Donna Bresee play George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" on the piano for our class. The whole choir was very impressed!   Thanks, Donna!  And of course, my memories of our sporting events stand out.   We all brought so much spirit to those games and matches -- the team, the fans, the band, and Ed Lukenbach with his ever present 'at the ready'  camera -- so great!
'.....all for Longmont, stand up and holler!!'    I can still hear it!"

After graduating from LHS, Anna went on to, "BA Loretto Heights College, Denver: Education/Humanities MA Univ. of N. Colorado, Greeley: Developmental Reading."

Anna lists these as career highlights, "Teaching Grades 4 - 6 for 33 years (1. St. John's 2. Central Elem. 3. Exchange teacher in Bristol, England (1980 - 1981 school year); Moonlighting at Longmont Florist and Robbins Flower Shop."

A significant events in Anna's life has been, "Having the opportunity to teach a different educational system in a foreign country."

Regarding travel, Anna says she has, "Lived: Bristol, England Traveled: Europe (Czechoslovakia: grandmother's birthplace, Slovenia: great grandfather's birthplace, Bavaria: distant relatives live there, Austria, Germany, England, Italy, France and more), Asia (Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong), Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, etc. I've traveled in 43 US states. There are many fantastic places to visit all over the world!"

Anna's special memory from LHS is: "Charlie Stanfield's chorale groups which led me to continue singing all my life."

In retirement Anna says she is, "Enjoying being with friends and brother, traveling, singing and volunteering like crazy."
Rick tells us that he, "Attended Metro State College in Denver for one semester toward a degree in Art on the G.I. Bill. "

Rick says he "Met Terri (Theresa) Pilkington (LHS class of ‘70) on a blind date in 1969, married her 3 times and never divorced. Honeymooned with her in Paris, France while stationed in Germany. Celebrating 46 years of marriage this September".

He has, "Three wonderful children all born during the 70’s. Two Granddaughters and one great Granddaughter. "

Rick has had a "Very rewarding career of 44 years in the electric utility industry beginning with the City of Longmont for 32 years, then contract work for Xcel Energy, Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, Town of Lyons and United Power for the next 12 years retiring in August 2016. " 

Rick "Enlisted in the Army May 1969 to receive training in automotive repair in order to utilize the mechanical skills I had already developed. Sent to Vietnam on my senior trip for one year tour of duty wrenching on military vehicles with the 79th Maintenance Battalion Long Binh, then one year in Germany. Powerfully affected by the whole experience of Vietnam, to all class of ‘67 Vietnam Veterans: WELCOME HOME! and Thank You for your service!"

"Significant events include: living with our gracious German host family the Eckerts for 6 mos. during 1971 while stationed in Germany, volunteering for a four hour hitch of duty at the traveling Vietnam Wall at Roger’s Grove Sept. 2001, then ending up staying on duty until the closing ceremony. Also, returning with my bride to Rossfeld, Germany in 2001 to the little stone church we were married in. "

"Besides living in Germany, my wife and I have visited France and Austria. Have visited The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Lived in downtown Denver for 6mos. while attending Metro State College in 1972, now living in Longmont."

Rick's memories of LHS include, "Being yanked by the arm to the side of the hallway during passing period by coach Summey and being told to tuck my shirt-tail in. Being gruffly told by Jet Johnson during American History class “You are getting a haircut by Monday or you are going down to the office!” when my hair was barely touching my collar. Bob Hutchins “The Times They Are A-Changin’” speech at our graduation ceremony for which Bob later told me he “took a lot of heat”. The class motto as given me inspiration for daily living: " Walk through each day with your head held high, and your eyes on that faraway star".

In his retirement, Rick says, "Enjoy building scale models for our HO model railroad layout. Still perform some light automotive maintenance and repair for family and friends, also electrical work where needed."
After graduation, Lyle continued his studies at:  CU ... 2years general studies. CSU ... 1 year towards Engineering Science. Aims Community College ... 2 years AAS in Electronic Technology. Regis University ... BS Computer Information Systems.

Lyle married Kathleen Morton June 13, 1970, and they have a son Tim who is 45, and a daughter Jen who is 43. They have three grandchildren, Kira age 16, Logan age 13, and Amelia age 6.

Lyle has worked in Instrumentation at Eastman Kodak, Windsor Colorado, and Laramie River Power Station, Wheatland Wyoming. Then he developed computerized HVAC systems for 4 years, followed by developing software to control and run industrial coating equipment.  He started his own business doing computerized controls in 1999, and the company is still active.  Traveling with his work, Lyle has had customers in Maine, Texas, Minnesota, California, Utah, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Taiwan, Switzerland and now the Netherlands.

Lyle proudly served in the US Coast Guard from 1970 to 1974 as an Aviation Electrician's Mate, finishing as an E5 Petty Officer.

Lyle and his family have lived in Colorado, Florida, California, and Wyoming.  Lyle has visited Neuchatel, Switzerland, Taichung, Taiwan, Belize, Mexico, and Canada.  Lyle will be going to Geleen, Netherlands to install a couple of industrial machines in February and then again in March.

Lyle says, the most significant event from his years at LHS was meeting his wife, Kathleen, at the start of his senior year.  Fondly recalling his formative years in Longmont, Lyle remembers being a newsboy for the Times-Call for many years, milk shakes at Valley Farm Dairy and Colorado Creamery, cruzing Main on Friday nights, Duckwalls, Dainty Pastry, watching the Fair Parade every year, and the smorgasboard on Main.   

Lyle is now semi-retired.  He is still working part time, building rifles, using them for target practice, enjoying my grandchildren, and working on nature photography.

After high school at LHS, Ron says, "I attended Colorado State University and earned a BSEE in 1971."

Ron tells us, "I met my wife Janis in 1989 and we got married in 1992."

"My wife has two children and five grandchildren."

Career wise, Ron adds, "I spent 38 years working for a company where I helped design and implement computer controlled train dispatching systems.  I worked on systems for railroads all over the world and got to travel to many of those places, including Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea."

"The most significant events in my life have been getting married and retiring."

Travel wise, Ron says, "I obviously lived in Colorado through college and for a few years after that. I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1978.  After getting married, I moved to Ohio for 14 years and then we moved back to Pennsylvania where we live today."

Ron's Longmont memories include, "I remember dragging main on Friday nights when $5 would buy a tank of gas and a case of beer."

Ron retired recently and says, "I'm trying to catch up on all of the little jobs around the house that I never had time to do while I was working. I also do a bit of woodworking and spend a lot of time researching my family history."
John tells us, "I thought going to college was the natural thing to do, so I attended CSU for several years, but couldn't find the right major for me."

John continues, "In 1977 I married Anna Colleen Ray, and we settled down in Oklahoma.  We divorced in 1998, and in 2004 I married Kathy Jean Derr of Denver, and we are very happily married."

"My first wife and I had four stair-step children within five years; Jonathan, Melissa, Michael, and Kathleen.   From them we have five grandkids; Karlie, J.J., Nolan, Kambry, and Luke."

"After a stint as a radar repairman in the Air Force, I followed my curiosity to find out how houses are built, so I became a framing carpenter.  But my real interest was in aviation, so I got an A&P license and a civilian job as an airplane mechanic for the Air Force. " 

John served his country with, "Four years in the Air Force during the Vietnam era."

"Marriage, having children, divorce and remarriage were definitely life-changing, as well as career choices, living locations, and becoming a skydiver.  But the most significant and positive event of my life was being born again to Christ after living in a spiritually dark pit."

John goes on to say, "Since HS, I've lived in CO and OK.  I've snorkled in the FL Keys, eaten lobster in Maine, watched the fireworks in NY, learned radar in MS, tested the vinyards in CA, seen the inside of a mountain in NM, camped under the stars atop Grand Mesa, and seen the religious diaspora in Bosnia, Europe."  

John says in regard to Longmont/LHS memories,  "I moved to Longmont as a sophomore, and I remember how intense and memory-packed high school was to me.  One vivid memory was the end of my first day of football practice, after having moved here from low-lying Arizona.  I was down on one knee and about to pass out when Randy Peterson and Bob Craig pulled me up and asked me what was wrong.  They let me know I was being affected by the thin altitude air, and to take it easy.  I still greatly relish the friends I made here, and I consider Longmont my second home."

Finally, John says, "Yes, retirement is truly an amazing American invention. Thank you, USA. I like to attempt golf once in a while, hike the mountains, watch my grandchildren grow, and dedicate time to church and the will of God."

  ​​​​ JOHN MOY
After high school, Doug graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Forestry (71) and an MS in Natural Resources (73).  He says, "Art Beil and I were room mates first quarter at Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity."

Doug married Judy Huff (LHS '69) in 1969, divorced in 1986.  He then married Carol Bromley in 1992--"still going strong."

Doug has 1 son, Kenneth, who lives in Kearney, NE; 1 step daughter, Elizabeth, who lives in Eagle, ID (2 grand kids); and 1 stepson, Rob, who lives in Girdwood, AK.

After College Doug worked until 1977 in Denver for the Federation of Rocky Mountain States, then moved to Anchorage to work for the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, then for the U.S. Department of the Interior until retirement in 2013.  

For special lifetime events, Doug says, "Having a child is always special, getting married again at age 40 (we did it at the Anchorage Senior Center) to your best friend (very special)."

Doug seems to have a penchant for "A" states.  He says, "When I moved to Alaska, people wondered why because it is cold there; and when I moved to southern Arizona to retire, people asked why because it is hot there--I survived both transitions nicely, thank you!"

Doug's LHS memories are, "Oh my, so many memories...running amok with friends...a job rolling down store awnings on main street at dawn...running LHS track...Hamburger Haven..."

Doug is mostly retired and relates that, "I attempt to play golf, like to read and work on family history, do some travel with family and friends. I still periodically work for DOI and FEMA on disaster recovery efforts around the country--I worked for 3 months on the 2013 Colorado floods."
After graduating from LHS, Lynn went to Parks Business School for 1 year.

Lynn married Gary Kalisch on December 14, 1968, divorced 10 yrs later, married John Rook August 1, 1986, divorced 9 yrs later. Still single

Lynn has a son, Monte Kalisch, who is 42 yrs old. He lives in Kensington,Maryland. No grandchildren.  She sees him often!

Lynn says, "I worked at Rocky Flats for 23 years. Since retiring from there, have worked for several car dealerships in the Longmont area. Retired completely 3 years ago."

Lynn's husband, Gary, was in the Coast Guard for 4 yrs.  She says,  "I felt like I was In the service also!!"

Special life events for Lynn were:  "When Monte was born, losing my Dad, when I bought my TH all by myself with no help from exes. Still have it!"

Lynn has lived in Alameda, CA. Colo. Springs, CO. , but she adds, "Always find my way back to Longmont!" 

Lynn's special memories from school days are:  "I will always remember the day John F. Kennedy was shot and they announced it over the pa. We all cried! Enjoyed the Pep club, TAC, sports,"

Lynn says, "I travel as much as I can. Volunteer at the YMCA. Always find plenty to do with friends."
After graduating from LHS Connie attended Wichita Area Technical School. Certified Nurses Aide

Connie says her third marriage is to Kabe J. Lantry.  They have been married 28 years.

Connie has, "Three children. Tricia Godlewski. Traci Mills. Sarah Murphy. 5 Grandchildren. Logan Ryan Godlewski. Ranni Mills. Bailee and Levi Murphy."

Connie tells us that career wise, "Mom and housewife are my favorite jobs. Absolutely being a grandmother."

Her most significant life events have been, "The birth of my children and grandchildren."  

"I was born in Longmont and I am still here. I did live in Wichita KS for about ten years from 89 to 2000."

Her special memories from Longmont and LHS are, "My best friends were Linda Shupe Janet Klag and Jody Miracle.  I loved that we had to wear our skirts just above our knees or we were sent home.  LOL"

Connie also says, "I'm a housewife who loves to cook.  I have two cats that I adore, and they entertain me constantly."

George tells that after LHS, "I received my undergraduate degree (B. ED.) from the University of Miami in 1971 and my Masters degree (Counseling Psychology) in 1979 from the University of Miami."

"I met the love of my life, Janice, as a freshman at the University of Miami. We were married on June 19, 1971 in Pt. Pleasant Beach, N.J. right after we graduated."

"Janice and I have been blessed with three children. Stacey (1976), Terri (1977), and George IV (1987) a few weeks before our 20th class reunion. I still have the "prize" t-shirt for the youngest child at that reunion! Stacey (George) has two girls, Sydney (11) and Bailey (8). Terri (Danny) has twin boys, Aaron and Dylan (9). George (Daniella) were married in December 2014 and are still enjoying married life before children but their two dogs (Mia, a Yorkie and Dash, a miniature Australian Shepherd) are more needy than children! Stacey earned her Associates Degree from Florida State University, her Bachelors degree from Florida International University, and her Masters Degree for the University of South Florida. She is currently the Lead Teacher of the Engineering Magnet at Coral Reef High School. Terri earned her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Miami with a double major in Biology and Chemistry and is currently teaching Advanced Placement Science classes at Felix Varela High School. George earned his Undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and his Doctorate in Pharmacy at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He was recently promoted to a Pharmacy Supervisor with Publix after being a Pharmacy Manager for three years. We obviously shared the wealth with the Florida college system but are really all Hurricanes deep down."

Careerwise, George tells us, "I was fortunate to be in the same career (Education) for 41 years until retirement in 2012. I began as an Exceptional Education teacher and coach in the Miami-Dade County Public School System in 1971. I became a High School Counselor in 1979 and continued coaching Wrestling until 1984 when I became the Athletic Director at Miami Sunset Senior High. I also coached Baseball, Cross Country, and even Badminton over those early years and continued as a counselor until retirement. Most of the last 25 years of my career were dedicated to Athletic Administration with much local, state, and National involvement. I received a National Athletic Administrators Distinquished Service Award in 2005 and the National Federation of High Schools Citation Award in 2008 and in May, I was inducted into the Florida Athletic Administrators Hall of Fame. I have had a most fulfilling and gratifying career and it makes me smile to think I loved every minute of it. Some of the most enjoyable years were when my children were involved in High School athletics and my "job" was to watch them play. Stacey and Terri were part of our State Runnerup Softball team in 1993 and our State Champion Volleyball team in 1994. Terri also played Soccer and Badminton and was chosen the State of Florida top Scholar-Athlete in 1995. George played Golf, Baseball, and Waterpolo."

He also says, "I never served in the Military but am forever grateful to all have."

Some especially significant events in George's life include, "Without a doubt, meeting and marrying Janice was the most significant event in my life. The birth of my children and grandchildren were beyond significant! It is also significant that my Mother (94 and going strong) is still here to share the joys of her great grandchildren, but I still miss my father who passed away in 1989."

"I was fortunate to do lots of traveling as a youngster because my father was an American Diplomat. Maybe that is part of why I settled in Miami after marriage and never moved away. Janice even bypassed a promotion to Atlanta, early in our marriage so I could pursue my career. I am forever grateful!! We have traveled with our children to many places and even spent three weeks traveling throughout Europe with Terri and Danny in 2006. I was also fortunate to travel to National Athletic Conferences (Milwaukee, Anaheim, Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Diego, New Orleans, San Antonio, etc.) throughout my career and small world that it is bumped into Mark Gillette in a parking lot in California in 1985. At the National Conference in Las Vegas, I bumped into Leroy Watts (then Athletic Director at Longmont) who taught Drivers Ed. and coached football in 1967, but most gratifying was that Coach Jet Johnson was with him and we were able to sit down and reminisce after all the years! What a great guy and a definite positive influence on my life. When our children were young we would spend a couple of weeks each summer in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and we have tried to continue vacationing together. The past several years we have cruised together each summer and the number of cruisers keeps growing! We are off on the Norwegian Escape next week, all twelve of us. I am traveling to a wedding in Boone, N.C. this weekend which will prevent my participating in this reunion but it is not from lack of caring. I will miss touching base with you after all these years, but please contact us if your travels bring you to Miami or the near vicinity."

His special memories of Longmont and LHS include, :I came to Longmont as a junior to live with my uncle and finish High School. My parents were still assigned to the Embassy in Guatemala. I will always hold dear the warmth and acceptance which I felt from so many great young people in 1965-67. They made what could have been a hardship into an endearingly pleasant memory for which I will be forever grateful. Many of you will always hold a special place in my heart when I think of TAC dances, skiing, picnics, parties in the mountains, Tulagi's, Coors, "Still in love with you, Baby", Mrs. Jennings, Coach Johnson, Coach Stanley, Psychology, baseball, and wrestling."

In conclusion George says, "I retired in 2012 and took on the responsibility of being a grandparent (that is when I really went to work). Janice and I are fortunate that our daughters live within blocks of our home so we have helped get all four grandchildren to school everyday since 2012. There is always something that they need assistance with and we are so happy to be a daily part of their lives. My son lives about a mile away and we became certified scuba divers together a few years ago. Janice and I are very blessed to have our family so close and to enjoy all of them so much. I still enjoy fishing , diving, boating, and all the wonderful options in South Florida, as well as Disney, Universal, and Sea World in nearby Orlando where we have made so many wonderful family memories."
After high school at LHS, Randy says,  "I went to CSU right after LHS. My CSU schooling was interrupped for 2 years by a car accident. Then I did return to CSU to gruaduate in 1972 with a BS ;in education."

As  for marriage, Randy says, "When I returned to CSU after the car accident I meet a wonderful young lady (Ellen Parris) at church. We dated for 5 years before I convinced her to get married. She recieved a BS in Home Ec. Education."

Randy and Ellen have four children.  They are:  Danielle who is a registered nurse in Wyoming,  Katrina who is an ordained minister with the Salvation Army in MI, Courtney who graduated from West Point (110 out of 2,000) is now out of the Army working for Bendix in S.C., and Carla who is a Family Living and Consumer Science (we called it Home Ec. in the olden days) teacher in Denver.  All of the daughters are married and have a total of 7 granddaughter and 3 grandsons.

Careerwise, Randy says, "Ellen and I taught in South Dakota for 3 years on the Pine Ridge indian reservation. Then returned to Colorado. Ellen continued to teach there for 35 years. While I worked for Radio Shack, Sears, and taught for 5 years. My car accident caused medical problems which finally forced me to stop working. We are now both happily retired."

Randy's car accident and subsequent medical complications prevented all military service.

Significan life events for Randy have been, "The birth of our four daughters. Then moving back to Colorado. We built a new home on 1 1/2 acres in 2015. Ellen started studing Middle Easter dance (belly dance to some people)."

Randy says,  "When Ellen retired, we were able to travel. First to Egypt with one of her dance instructors. Then we have been to Turkey, Greece, Peru. Central America,France and several other countries."

Special school days memories for Randy include,  "Running down the hall ways only to be caught by Mr. Johnston running backwards. Getting to open the 'New LHS' in 1963 Many wonderful people of Longmont."

Randy is retired now, but he says, "We stay busy in the sumer with vegetable and flower gardens.  I am an officer in a Lions Club and also a Masonic Lodge.  Ellen loves to sew and sponsors a chapter of the Internation Order of Rainbow Girls. Then we travel when we can."

Jeanette says that after LHS, "I couldn't wait to leave Longmont after graduation and, literally, left the next day for a small college on Mackinac Island in just its second year. It was an experience that changed my life completely. We had students and faculty from all over the world and were a very close community, being on an island and needing to create both the college and all of our own entertainment. Unfortunately, the college was unable to find enough funding and closed before I finished.  I transferred to Ottawa University in Kansas, along with 33 other Mackinac students."  

"I met my husband, Marty Malik, at Mackinac and we were married in 1971, the day after our college graduation. Unfortunately, we divorced in 1993."

"I have 3 children, Tonya is the Director of Development for the College of Liberal Arts at CSU.  Adrienne is the Director of Education for North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton, and Jared is in computer support.  I also have 6 grandchildren, ranging in age from 9 months to 24!  I'm so very lucky to have them all within an hour of me and they are the lights of my life!"

Careerwise, Jeanette says, "I spent 20 years teaching Lamaze childbirth classes while my kids were growing up and loved it. I then worked at a call center as the manager of training and quality assurance for 10 years. When that company went downhill and laid me off, I landed at Colorado Child Support Services, right near the Colorado capitol building.  I worked there for 16 years as the supervisor of the Interstate Unit, doing training, policy, legislation, and a variety of other tasks. Just retired in January of 2017 and am loving it!"

Some especially significant events in her life she describes as, "How do you sum up 50 years of significant events?  The most significant for me were the births of my 3 children and then my grandchildren.  I was blessed to be there for all of their births except the oldest one, who came into our family when my daughter married his father."  

"I travelled a lot while in college and decided that Longmont was hard to beat, so moved back the day after we were married. I've lived there ever since, but moved to Berthoud in August of 2016. Travel is one of my favorite activities! I've been to most US states, Thailand, Bali, England, the Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico, and Italy, as well as many of the Carribbean islands. My next trip will be to Kenya later this year and I can't wait!"

Jeanette's special memories of Longmont and LHS include, "My sisters would tell you that I spent all my time studying but I did also have a lot of fun! I had great friends there and especially enjoyed being a Trojanette and my involvement in Girl Scouts."

In retirement Jeanette espouses that, "It is wonderful to feel able to allow myself to do whatever I want -- read, take walks, spend time with my family, etc.  I am doing some contract training just a few hours a week and mostly from the comfort of my own home.  As you hear many people say, how did I ever have time to work?"
Vicki says, "After high school , I attended the Univerity of Colorado for one year and then transferred to Colorado State University. I finished my BA degree in Education at the University of Northern Colorado because I realized that teaching in secondary education was not for me."

"I met my husband of 46 years at CSU. He was a charming Irishman who had transferred to CSU in our Junior year. We married in 1971 and remained residents of Fort Collins until December2015 when we moved a bit South to High Plains Village near Loveland."

"We have two wonderful children. Melissa owns her own HR consulting company and Matt is a banker with Key Bank. We have four amazing grandchildren. Logan will be 15 in August. She is getting her driver's license and my convertible Mini Cooper. Reid is only 10 but such an "old soul". We have some astonishing conversations. Leah is 9 and has been so strong during her daddy's treatments for lymphoma. She encourages him daily with quotes she finds and her wonderful artwork. Cody is the youngest at 6. He LOVES sports of any kind. He plays them all... except tennis. I hope that one of our grandchildren discover this sport because both my son and daughter played and both went to State in their high school years. I love watching this sport!" 

"In my career in education, one of the highlights was working with migrant children. These children always lag behind because they leave school in the early Spring to follow their parents and return to school late in the fall. Because I went to Hygiene Elementary, I saw first hand the lack of a complete year of schooling on some of my classmates. When I became a teacher, I knew I had to work in Migrant Education in some capacity. I did end up having experience teaching several different grades in schools populated by many children at risk for a variety of reasons. Teaching was what I always wanted to do and so I did until I retired in 2015. I do still work in education , but not full time."

Vicki say while she did not serve in the military, " I married into an Air Force family."

Regarding significant events in her life, Vicki tells us that, "On my mind right now is the shock we all had in March of 2017 when my son was diagnosed with non -Hodgkins lymphoma. He just finished his last round of chemo this week. He was in the hospital every 2 and a half weeks for 5 days at a time. The last several months have been a blur. Our daughter made bracelets that we all wear reading All Matt. All the Time. Leah named her daddy's last chemo cart JOY. That is what she felt and we felt when he left the hospital four days ago. He is in remission and will need to be screened but we are grateful . This is significant because it is current as we watched our son bravely face this disease. It has changed his life and ours forever. Leah wrote a message to her daddy on his first day in the hospital. It said "You will not always be strong, but you can always be brave." Our son has been brave and so has his family, particularly Leah, our youngest granddaughter. Now we have a different challenge in our family. My sister has just been released from the hospital after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She is home, but requires a lot of help. Our mother lives with her, but is almost 90, so I am staying in Phoenix for a few more weeks until she is a bit better. I thought my husband and I might attend the reunion since we were not so worried about our son, but "Man plans and God laughs" so its not to be this time."

"My husband and I have visited many wonderful places during our years together. We have been to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland,and Bermuda. We have traveled to several Hawaiian Islands. We love our road trips too. Abiquui , New Mexico....Georgia O'Keefe Land and Ojo Caliente are favorite locales in New Mexico. We have visited many other states and some of our favorite places have been Carlsbad, California, Savannah, Georgia and particularly Tybee Island. I personally love Chicago and New York City. Of all the places I have visited I most loved the history of London and Edinburgh and the beauty and peacefulness of Bermuda and of course their national drink, the Dark and Stormy."

Vicki's special memories of Longmont and LHS include, "I remember being in Mr.Bolton's biology class when we heard the news that President Kennedy had been shot. I remember how several boys would get Mr. Everly to talk about the Friday night football game and before you knew it, Chemistry was over. I remember writing the words to the Star Spangled Banner on one of Mr. Jacobsen's long boring assignments and getting an A. My favorite class was History with Mr. Brooks. I loved that we had directed reading of literature that went along with the History content. ALL QUIET on the WESTERN FRONT impacted me greatly."

In retirement, Vicki says, "We love to travel, but have been close to home lately. We are looking forward to visits to California and Florida in the next several months. I love the ocean and truly need to be near one as frequently as possible. I love to attend as many sporting events and dance recitals as I can that involve our grandchildren. We are blessed because we live less that 30 minutes away from both of our children and their families. We have a Victorian cottage above Colorado Springs where we go to get away from the front range population explosion, My husband has not retired because he owns his own Executive Recruiting business and we travel to different locales for business/relaxation. I get to go more frequently now since I am retired. I mustn't forget that I am a fervent fantasy football participant and can really focus on my research now. My husband and I are fitbit fanatics and find that we are very competitive since I have retired. I can get in more steps than him as often as not, since I am not working everyday. Sending "All the Best " to the Class of '67...hoping to see many of you in pix."
After graduating from LHS, Brian attended Colorado State University,  where he graduated Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Agronomy 1971.​

Brian tells us, "I met Diane Still at CSU and we were married on June 19, 1971 ... same day as Bill and Terry. 46 years and happier than ever."

Continuing, he says, "We have two sons:   Doug (43) is a chemical engineer and lives in Parker, CO with his wife Andrea and son Spencer.   Aaron (40) is senior director for National Cattlemen's Beef Association and lives in Elizabeth, CO.   One grandson: Spencer (11)."

Brian and Diane established Schlagel Farms in 1971.  He says they "still live on our farm, even though I semi-retired in 2005.   I have been a director for rural electric cooperatives for 27 years and still serve on the board of directors for Tri-State Generation and Transmission.   A highlight was representing Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming on the board of the Nation Rural Utility Cooperative Finance Corporation in Washington DC."

A significant event in the lives of Brian and Diane has been "The birth of our one and only grandson. What a blessing grandkids are!"

Brian and Diane, "Have lived on our farm north of Strasburg, CO my entire adult life. Traveled to Brazil, Argentina, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, and the US from north to south and east to west." 

Special LHS memories for Brian are:  Playing ball for "Spud" and all the great teammates.  Johnny Jet Johnson.  Ray Ashbaugh. 

In his semi-retirement Brian is "Following our grandson's baseball games and golf tournaments.  Traveling and keeping up with friends we've made in the electric industry through the years."
Nancy says, "After graduation from High School, I attended Parks Business College in Denver and went to work for the Denver Public School System. I worked in the administration offices until my marriage in 1969."

She adds, "In December of 1969, I married my best friend, Eldon Weiss and lived in Brush, CO for several years." 

Regarding her family, Nancy tells us, "In January 1971, we had a son, Conrad and in February 1974 we had a daughter Kristina. We have 2 grandchildren, Keith Alexander Weiss age 15 and James Braedon Tarrant age 13."

"My husband and I managed hog confinement units for approximately 10 years. in 1985 we moved to Fort Collins and I went to work for Colorado State University, Department of Animal Sciences. I retired from there after 30 years."

"We have lived in Wyoming and Nebraska besides Colorado. Seems we always come back to Colorful Colorado! We have visited Uruguay and loved it very much."

Nancy is retired now and says, "Since retirement, I spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren, running errands and attending baseball, basketball and football games watching them. I do digital scrapbooking and absolutely love making quilts. The best part of retirement is being able to be with my best friend, my husband more. I'm lovin' life and lovin' God in all I do."
After graduating from LHS, Tom says, "I attended Colorado Aero Tech where I got my A&P."​

Tom married Eugenia Harkaiis on March 6 1971 at the old stone church.

Tom has one son, Chet Schlieker.

Careerwise, Tom worked at Bretz RV Marine where he retired from.

Tom says that the touring of Montana has been a significant part of his life.

Tom says he has, "Lived in Colorado and Montana where we have lived for 38 years."

For Tom, special memories from LHS include, "The years I spent going to at LHS. The days I helped A good friend race his 56 chev."

Tom says, "Yes I am retied.  I own 16 acre which I put cattle on and go fishing and bird hunting and help some ranchers do their spring work."
After LHS graduation, Glenn, "Graduated from the Colorado School of Mines - majored in Metallurgical Engineering."
Glenn is married to Kathy, and they have "Two children, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren."
Glenn's career, "was as a mining and mechanical engineer."
Glenn further tells us that, "My family has been the most significant part of my life."

I have lived in North Carolina since graduating from college.

Glenn's special memories of LHS involve "Sports."

"I'm retired.   I used to play tennis and racquetball.   And I fished a lot.  Health problems have made me stop most of this. I still brew beer."
After her days at LHS, Janel Graduated from the University of Colorado in 1971.

Janel married Jim Brown, Class of 68.

She says, "We have two children. Lauren and Logan."

Career wise, Janel tells us, "I taught Kindergarten and First grade in the St. Vrain Valley School District, and retired in 2000."

"I think the most significant events in my life has to be having two wonderful children.  They are a constant reminder that "love always wins", and that the relationship with each, is an opportunity for growth and learning. "

"I have lived in Longmont since I graduated from CU in 2001.  We did live in the Houston Texas area for one year, but Colorado called us home."

Special LHS memories for Janel include, "My first day at LHS on Main Street....beginning high school as a new student...and I will always remember how nice and friendly people were to me as a new student at Longmont High.  I will also remember the announcement on the loud speaker that President Kennedy had been shot.  I have great memories of my time at LHS. Football games, Concert Choir, TAC, and wonderful times with friends." 

In retirement, Janel says, "Jim and I love to travel and camp, and love exploring in our Airstream trailer.  I hike every week in Rocky Mountain National Park, and love reading, knitting, playing the piano, and especially enjoy photography."
Linda tells us she is married, "Second time around for 21 years, Ken Lillibridge from Cimarron, Kansas who I met in Austin on a blind-date."

She says, "I have two daughters, Stacey Foley and her husband Keith and Pam Hawkins who both live in Austin; two step-daughters, Becky Lancasterand her husband Hoss in Webb City, Missouri and Rachel and her husband Steve Armer in Elizabethtown, Kentucky; two grandsons, seven step-grandsons, 2 step-granddaughters and 5 great-granddaughters."

Linda is still actively working.  "I have been employed by a civil engineering companyin Austin, Texas for the last 33 years.  We have gone through several changes in ownership but I have worked with some of the same people for all of that time.  Recently, the company began a franchise program.  The concept of an engineering franchise has been a challenge for the company and I have enjoyed being part of the development and roll-out.  In October, I left the corporate structure and joined the second company to franchise.  My husband hoped that would be less demanding. Well, I don't have to travel to Houston and Dallas now, but still work 10 hour days.  I decided several years ago that I will work until I am either physically or mentally unable.  I enjoy what I do and can't imagine having to stay home every day."

Special life events for Linda include, "Seeing both of my daughters graduate from College knowing they worked hard and did it themselves. We all went through some lean times getting through it, but came out great on the other side."

She tells us, "I have lived in Austin, Texas since leaving Longmont in 1974. We have enjoyed exploring Texas from Big Bend to South Padre. Of course, we have to travel to Missouri and Kentucky to see family. Recently, my daughter and I did a trip to Charleston and I spent a week with her in Manhattan."

Special memories from school include, "Mrs. Burger, Mr. Stanfield and Mr. Adams were special teachers. The Corner Panty, dragging main (of course) and seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the Trojan theater. I'm sure there are many more that I haven't thought about."
Don's adventure began on graduation night when he moved to California. There he enlisted in the Navy.  He was one of seven siblings to volunteer for military duty.  After Boot Camp in San Diego, he thumbed his way across the country to New London, Conn for submarine school. In January 1968 he reported aboard the nuclear submarine, USS Guardfish SSN 612, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Don earned his submarine dolphins in 1968. The 612 was designed for surveillance and deterrence in the era of the Cold War, and it was an intriguing time for me to be on board. Most deployments lasted 60 plus days and Don could expect to be submerged up to 300 days a year. Don made two trips to the South China Sea (Vietnam) and numerous missions to the area North of Japan. The Navy schools that were offered to me were excellent and provided life long job skills. Liberty ports were the best, including Hong Kong, Okinawa, 1970 Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break and of course Hawaii where he was stationed. "It was a Blessed day when I met my future wife in Waikiki." Major events in my life were marriage in 1971 to my wife Mary in Rochester, NY. Don and Mary have been Blessed with two children, Kimberly (partner in Castro Design) and Joseph, both born in Longmont and two granddaughters Loralai and Julia (Georgia Peaches). In Rochester, while working days, Don attended night school on the GI Bill. Don and Mary also started, as a weekend hobby, collecting antique furniture. Over the next few years we delivered several truck loads of antique furniture to my brother's Antique/Auction business in California. It was an enriching experience traveling to all parts of the country. In 2002, using the experience Don gained from his father (a home builder) we designed and built our custom home in Georgia. Don has resided in eleven states from Hawaii to Cape Cod and from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Tampa, Florida. We have vacationed in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Canada and most of the Caribbean Islands. In 2012, Don and Mary retired and now enjoy volunteering at our granddaughters school, traveling and working in our flower garden. We have our 1948 candy apple red Dodge Ram Coronet that we enjoy cruising in. Many fond memories of Longmont High School, great teachers and friends. There was the time when Ron Sollars, Art Beil and Don camped out at the County Clerk's Office to be first in line for the 1967 license plates. Ron got number 1, Art number 2 and Don got number 3! This got our picture on the front page of the Times-Call. Don still has his 1967 MN3 plate. Looking forward to our 50th Reunion.
Debbie tells us that after LHS, "I went to Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX for two semesters and studied Liberal Arts. I didn't return to Wayland. I also took more Shorthand and Typing courses at Aims Community College in Greeley which I had taken those courses at LHS. Later I took numerous courses at Colorado State University. I took a Travel and Tourism course and a Travel Agent course at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins. I've seriously tried to go back to college several times but there were various situations that interfered so I never completed college. I've regretted it but have done the best I could."

"I met and married Art Eckdahl and we were married for 22 1/2 years. We divorced in Feb. 1995. We reconciled for nearly four years from July 2006 until May 2010."

"I have two children, Jon who is 38 and Jeri who is 36. I don't have any grandchildren yet. Jeri is married to Ramil Lim who is a wonderful man. Jon served in the Air Force 4 years and 9 mo. with a voluntary tour at the end of his 4 year enlistment back to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan and had been there previously with his regular squadron. Ramil went to college at the Naval Academy and graduated and enlisted in the Marines and served for 6 years and then enlisted in the Marine Reserves and is a Captain in Civil Affairs. Art had three children who were 6, Dyanne, 8, Fred and 10, Eric, when we got married. They lived with us mostly full-time so I raised them. Eric and his wife, Shannon, have a 7 year old daughter, Quincy, so I have one granddaughter but I don't get to see her very often. They live in Eagle, CO." 

Careerwise, Debbie says, "In the Fall after I came back from Wayland, I worked at the Home State Bank in Loveland for over 2 years starting in the Bookkeeping Dept. and then on the Proof machine and then as a Teller. My next job was at the City of Fort Collins Water and Sewer Dept. as a Clerk Typist for 2 years. I was hired at Colorado State University where I worked for almost 15 years in different departments. It was a great place to be. I loved the work, students, faculty and all levels of staff and the campus life and learned so much which was very valuable to me in my life. I was an Admin. Assist, II. My last job with CSU took me to the downtown Denver campus at 16th and Broadway. I commuted from my home in east Fort Collins until it became too difficult. I worked at a variety of different jobs for many years. I reinstated at the Univ. of N. Colorado at my Admin. Assist. II classification and worked there for a while. That was also a difficult commute from my west Fort Collins home. I decided to work in other fields that interested me so I sold furniture and cars and had some home businesses. I branched out into a totally different career which I never thought about much less considered to be serious about. A cousin told me I could get hired there and said I should come to Palestine, TX. I resisted doing that for a long time. I started thinking and praying about it and decided to go and took all the tests. I had to work out and get real buff to take the physical tests. I was hired so sold my townhome and packed my car with everything I would need for the basics and put everything in storage in Fort Collins. I went through a 6 week academy and graduated and started working for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice as a Correctional Officer II. I was assigned to work inside a Medium to Maximum prison of over 4,000 male inmates! That was the biggest challenge in my life! I learned a lot and especially to not have any FEAR! I learned how to do my job very well and adapted myself to it and wore a grey long-sleeved uniform and big black boots! I had to use my authority I had learned. I chose to work 9:45pm to 6:30am in the Administrative Segregated unit where they were locked down 23 hours a day or 24 if they didn't go out for 1 hour of Rec time. I made it a fun job for me and some inmates that had a job serving breakfast at 2:30am. Ask me what I did to make it fun! I'll be happy to tell you! My supervisor Officers, the Rank, didn't mind at all what I did! I worked overtime as soon as I could. I lived on the prison grounds in a barracks with other male and female CO's. It wasn't a pleasant place to be but cheap, only $25/mo rent! I was on call and would be taken out to sit somewhere in the country and wait for the escaped inmate who would be ready to turn himself in and get put in solitary confinement! I worked at the Trustee camp which was better than inside the hot prison. There was no AC back in the units where I worked but only in the front where the administrative offices and visitation area was. I had a serious health issue crop up which put me out of that job. I was very distraught because I had to find a new plan for my life. I thought I was going to be living in Texas for the rest of my life and all that changed. My doctor and physical therapist didn't recommend me to go back to that job and I had to listen to them. My Dr. wrote a note for me to be on light duty. I wasn't hurt on the job or I could have been put on light duty and work in the Count Room or Mail Room. I did everything I needed to do since I had paid into Short-Term and Long-Term Disability and got it which helped me for a while. I moved back to Fort Collins and lived with my Mother while I was deciding what I would do next. I was there for 6 mo. then moved to San Marcos, CA and lived there almost 5 years. Art and I reconciled and so I had a new plan that worked for almost 4 years. I loved living by the ocean. I applied to work for a security company and was hired and got the training and started working full-time as a Security Officer at the Oceanside Municipality Buildings, a shopping center, a high school, a senior center and a park that had been cleaned up after gangs had taken it over. I worked for different companies for over 3 years. I had to continuously renew my training certifications including the weapons training. I had to practice and shoot to qualify to get the new certifications. I also worked part-time as an Event Specialist/Brand Ambassador for 2 1/2 years. I worked all over San Diego County in the Von's stores (Safeway), Target, a Fitness Clubs, WalMart and similar stores. I mostly prepared hot and cold food (and dog food) and gave out samples and coupons. I even gave out coupons for alcohol but there were no samples for that! I got to work on Camp Pendleton and Miramar which were highlights to work around our military personnel. I shook everyone's hands that I could and told them, "Thank you for your service!" Everything changed when a Judge in Larimer Co. appointed me to be the Personal Representative for my Mother's Probate which meant I had to move back to Fort Collins. I thought I would be moving back to CA so I put everything in storage there. Once again I filled my car with everything I would need. It didn't turn out that I moved back there to live. After the Probate was completed, I did bring everything back and put it in storage. I already had a small apartment that I had furnished. My next job moved me to Denver Aug. 1, 2013 to work full-time as the House Director/Mom for the Delta Zeta Sorority at the University of Denver. Since then I have had various temporary assignments but not anything full-time or permanent. I worked as an Assistant Elections Judge for our 2008 Election when I lived in San Marcos which was in North County San Diego. I also worked as a Provisional Judge in Larimer County for our 2012 Election. I was a Provisional Judge in Arapahoe County for our 2014 Election and a Registration and Ballot Judge in our 2016 Election. I had other assignments for Temp agencies also. Since October 2015 I have been driving part-time for UBER and LYFT which has been very interesting. I have had riders from all over the world! I occasionally also drive for my girlfriend in Fort Collins for her limousine company, TLC Limousines. I helped build her business which is in its 15th year. I have had a variety of adventures and took some risks and moved long distances. I drove a fully packed 17' Budget truck with my bicycle strapped on the back and towed my car behind it on a car carrier over the Rocky Mountains to Oceanside, CA to reconcile with Art. I drove another 17' Budget truck from Oceanside to Kingsburg, CA (near Fresno) and back across the Rocky Mountains to Fort Collins in October of 2012. I'm not going to make any more big moves like those again in my life. I have moved many times around Denver out of necessity. I know I have to make one more move in my life. I want to move back to Fort Collins which was home. I hope it will come together soon. I want to reinstate at Colorado State University and work there again. I'm not ready to retire. I enjoy working and see myself working for quite a while longer. I believe it's God's Will for me to continue to work and serve Him in everything I do so I can glorify Him and bring more people to the salvation knowledge of Jesus Christ to have eternity in heaven. I know he has protected me and has been providing for me and leading, guiding and directing me. He has directed my steps and established my paths. He has always been with me and has never left me. He tells us, "He is always with us and never leaves us." He loves each one of you so much that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and always forgives us. My main career has always been sharing God's love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone and everyone I meet. I know He sent me into the prison to tell every one of the inmates that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit loves each one of them and I told each one of them. I brought one young man only 18 years old to the Lord one night. He was so lonely and sad and afraid. Many inmates told me they knew Jesus and that they read their Bible. I want each one of my high school classmates to know that I consider them my family and that I love them. I pray for each of you every day. I ask God to bless you and protect you and provide for you and lead you closer to Him. He wants to have a personal relationship with you and be your BEST FRIEND! He wants you to know you can TRUST HIM and DEPEND on Him to keep His word! His word does not return to Him void. His Word is ALIVE because He is the Word and He rose from the dead and is the only person who ever rose from the dead. His shed blood was shed for each one of you. There is POWER in His blood. Every day I cover and cleanse each one of you with the POWER and ENERGY of His Blood. I want each one of you to ask Him to be your Savior and Lord and ask for His forgiveness of your sins and ask Him to come into your heart to live and stay forever if you have never done that. He will bless you and show you His plan for your life according to Jeremiah 29:11. God Bless each one of you. I value and treasure each one of you and am thankful to know you and have you as a friend. Please talk to me about your decision to become a Christian sometime during the Reunion. I would love to be able to talk with you about this and to pray with you for anything you need."

Debbie says, "I didn't serve in the Military but have seriously thought I wish I had. I'm very thankful for each of you that have served and I sincerely thank you! I have many family members that have served. My Father was in the Army in WWII and served all over the Pacific Theatre. My older brother, Ken, Class of '65, enlisted in the Marines soon after he graduated from LHS. He is still with us. My younger brother, Barry, enlisted in the Marines when he was 21. He passed away Dec. 9, 2013."

Some especially significant events in Debbie's life have been, "The birth of my children and the privilege to raise them and be there to participate in and enjoy all their activities and watch and observe them growing up and becoming great young people of our next generation. Moving to Texas and Southern CA were great experiences." 

"I lived near Palestine, TX and visited Tyler, Austin and San Antonio several times and traveled all over the San Diego area and loved walking on the beach and going to potluck/BBQ beach parties. I went to Monzanillo, Mexico for Eric's wedding on the ocean front and toured around there for 8 days. I went to the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada in our 25' Pace Arrow motor home and drove from Fort Collins across the U.S. and saw the Niagra Falls, Saint Lawrence Seaway, Lake Louise (Canada), all the Eastern seaboard states, the Liberty Bell, Washington, DC, the capital, Disney Land, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, all of central and western Canada, Vancouver, ferried over to Vancouver Island and back and have seen all the western United States."

Special memories Debbie has of Longmont and LHS include, "Since I had just moved to Longmont from Mesa, AZ the middle of August, I was looking forward to my first day in 9th grade at the old high school and learning my way around and playing a clarinet in the band and marching at the football games and in parades in other towns (Estes Park) and learning my way around town and meeting new friends. I remember the huge mural on the west wall of the study hall room, going to the football games and the dances at the community center and the dances in a big room on the back side at a shopping center off North Main. All the dances at LHS, Girls Glee, Junior Prom with Ron Martindale and doubling with Dennis Conilogue and going to the Charco Broiler for dinner in Fort Collins. Driver's Training class with the simulators and practicing driving. All the Pep Club sitting together at the football and basketball games and yelling for the teams."

Debbie concludes, "I'm not retired but finding a job I can do has been a challenge so haven't been able to work due to the health condition. There has been situations that have kept me busy so I'm always taking care of business. I hope to be able to get into a regular routine and have time to myself to enjoy life more. I always call my friends and family or they call me so I keep in touch with everyone. I do go to church and participate in the Singles group activities, especially the monthly potlucks. I like to read the news (internet) and keep up with what our government is doing and what the movie stars are doing and have some special interests I support."
Debbie tells us that after LHS, "I attended and worked at CU for a couple of years but interrupted my studies to marry and move to Australia. After living there for two years, we returned to Colorado. "

"My first marriage ended in divorce after 7 years. A few years later I met a wonderful man, Art, and have been married to him for 35 years."

Debbie goes on to say, "Our son, David, is married to Nicole, and they have 5 children. They just moved to Alabama, although David's business, Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center is in Colorado. We are blessed to see him on his monthly business trips to Denver. Our daughter, Kim, is married to Brian and they also have 5 children! They live in Columbus, Ohio. We miss our kids and grandkids so much but try to visits them as often as possible."

Significant events in Debbie's life include, "submitting my life to the Lord, marrying Art, being blessed with two wonderful children and 10 grandchildren and losing my dear parents.

Careerwise, Debbie says, "Following my work at CU in the admissions and records department, I persued my interest in travel and became an agent at Boulder Travel until I married Art. I then concentrated on being a stay at home mom and enjoyed many years of volunteer work in various organizations, including being a "Big Sis" and serving on the board of Mother House, a shelter for homeless, pregnant women and teaching ESL through the Boulder Public Library literacy program."

Interesting places Debbie has live in or visited are, "I lived in Brisbane, Australia for 2 years, moved back to Colorado and have lived in Boulder for the majority of the time. We just moved to Heritage Todd Creek 5 months ago. I have visited Central America, Hawaii, Fuji, Mexico, Canada, islands in the Pacific, Israel, Jordan, and most of the states."

Her special memories of Longmont and LHS include, "I moved to Longmont from Kentucky, at the beginning of our junior year, but found fellow students to be very friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed choir and annual staff. Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Jennings were my favorite teachers."

"Both Art and I are retired and enjoy family activities, taking walks, fishing, traveling, and time with friends. We are quite busy getting settled into our new home."
Ralph says, "After LHS: a little time at CSU, then to CU. 3 years back East in aerospace. Being a late bloomer, I went to Berkeley, arriving at the end of that "party." Never wore tie-dye nor carried a protest sign. Got a Master's in Engineering."

About choosing a partner, Ralph tells us, "I did choose one, but since Hayley Mills did not respond to my letters, I proposed to Cheryl. 2017 is our 35th anniversary year. "

Ralph and Cheryl have "Three daughters; one granddaughter; a granddog. I count my blessings daily; LHS usually comes in at #35, right after #34, having my lifetime National Parks Pass."

Careerwise, Ralph explains, "You may recall me as a song-and-dance kind of guy, but that was part of my cover. I was so deep in the Witness Protection Program, that even my parents didn't know.. My true self: nerdy engineer...outdoor-loving nerdy engineer. 35 years with IBM."

Ralph is: "Grateful for lots of travel opportunities outside CO, outside the US. Have stood on the summits of all CO's 14'ers, many with my wife, the last ones with our daughters. Still enjoy hiking, camping, biking and fishing. When I fish, I'm mainly there to amuse the trout."

Special memories of LHS and Longmont for Ralph are, "Normally, I think about consequences, but a frugal nature sometimes lead to bad decisions.  A '52 Willys Jeep with a leaky fuel tank oozed gas on to the floor which meant gasoline infused shoes and clothing. Everyday, those fumes followed me into school. Here is where I apologize as well as thank you for not throwing cigarettes at me. Going to Boulder to see the Astronauts at Tulagi's (1963 hit "Baja"); drown night = 50 cent pitchers; cruising in a car, but not a cool car.  See above.  Cruising beside the Osborne brothers in their super cool hot rods."

In retirement, Ralph enjoys "Volunteer opportunities with my wife and the hobbies mentioned above, also, with my wife except for the fishing. Hmmm...never thought to ask Hayley Mills about going fishing.."
Chris says, "I only went to Longmont Sr. High one year, my senior year ( moved from Arizona). Took English, Speech, Drivers Ed. , Phy. Ed. , Geology, Physics, and Advanced Biology. Had lots of study halls because they wouldn't let me have Shop Class, etc. ( no girls ). Took part in Pizza Protest at cafeteria. (Lousy Pizza!) Most noticeable thing was at our graduation most everybody thought I was a Junior not Senior ( I was 17 yrs. old. and hung out with Juniors.)"

After graduation from LHS, Chris went to CSU the next year.

Chris adds, "Not sure anyone would remember me if I came! Sincerely, Chris (Smaw) Kingham​"
After LHS, Terry attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and graduated with a BA in Sociology.  She says, "I'm still a big Tiger fan!"

As for marriage, Terry says, "Bill Brubaker and I were sweethearts off and on from 8th grade at Columbine and we married in Gold Hill, Colorado on June 19, 1971. We continue to share our lives together and look forward to many more!"

"Bill and I have a daughter Natalie and a son Matt and wonderful son-in-law Steve and daughter-in-law Jennifer. Natalie and Steve have two girls-Hailey age 16 and Hannah age 18. Matt and Jenn have a boy Cooper who is almost 10. They all live here in New Bern within a mile of us so we are blessed to spend lots of time together. We follow all their activities from horseback shows to dance performances to soccer and wrestling matches. We love it all!"

Career wise, Terry says, "I have worked in public service all of my career which began in 1972 when we first moved to New Bern. I have worked as a Social Worker with all ages and stages of life but my heart is with children. I have supervised and managed programs in Child Protection for the biggest part of my career. It has been extremely rewarding work and I only retired so I could keep working at it without pay (that is what Bill tells me)."

Terry wasn't officially in the military, "but Bill was in the Marine Corps when we married and I followed him around!"

Significant life events for Terry have been, "Our marriage and then the births of our children and grandchildren. Also our daughter had cancer at the age of 33, but she has been cancer free now for almost 10 years! It was very stressful , but brought us closer together."

Terry says, "We have lived in Colorado, Montana, Mississippi, Texas and North Carolina. We love the mountains and the ocean-we feel we have lived in the best of all places. We have been here in New Bern NC since 1980. We love going HOME to Longmont though! We have traveled a lot because I always say we didn't have a honeymoon back when you were in the Marines, so we need to go...We have an annual trip to Mexico and have traveled to many islands in the Carribbean and to Europe and Canada. One of our best trips was to Alaska in 2015."

"I loved Columbine-lots of good friends and my first crush-on Coach Arfsten that was before my permanent crush on Bill! LHS was the best of all my education years and I look back fondly on both schools-old and new. Life was simple and good for teens back then!"

Terry continues to be very active, "I am very involved at my church. I coordinate a week long camp in the summer for children who have a parent in prison. Last year we served 88 children. This year we started an after school program Growing in Grace to help some of the campers and others with homework and spiritual growth and self-esteem. It has been challenging, but so rewarding for students and our adult mentors. I have close relationships with several of the campers who are now going off to college and it is clear they are on the right path!"
Larry tells us, "Soon after graduation I was informed I was # 2 or #3 on the draft list, so I enlisted in Helicopter training in Alabama.  Upon Finishing Helicopter training, they sent me to Vietnam for 13 mos. as a Co-Pilot/door gunner on an OH-6 observation helicopter,  I received a  bronze star and 14 air medal accommodations.  Upon returning state side again assigned to Alabama for 5 months, then  was reassigned to South Korea, where I spent 18 mos. on the DMZ out post in a Medavac Helicopter unit. 

When that tour was over I came back to Colorado and spent 2 yrs in the National Guard Unit in Longmont while working at Beech Aircraft in Boulder, there I spent 15 yrs working plant maintenance, also on the Fuel Tanks for the space shuttle, attending the first 6 space launches at Cape Canaveral, I was in charge of the VIP and Congressional Hosting.  After that I started working on the Alternative Fuel Program for Beech, spending time doing demos and conferences in the U.S., Hawaii, New Zealand, Norway and Europe.  After Beech Aircraft was sold to Raytheon Corp., I returned to Boulder to shut down the Boulder Facility, and Government operations.  After the closing, myself and a group of old Beech Crafters started Cryogenic Fuels Incorp (CFI). to continue the alternative Fuel program , we toured the country with demonstrations and building fueling facilities until the gas boom slowed the market.
I sold everything, bought a motor home and toured the U.S. doing leather and fur clothing for the Black Powder Rendezvous and Indian Pow Wows.
This lasted for about 5 yrs when the company, CFI (which I still own) ,received a contract to do stainless tanks and alternative fuels for a company in Buffalo, N.Y. 

I worked there for approximately 8 years until the company we had the contract with shut down soon after 9-11.
About three months later I was in and auto accident, due to a teenager on the cell phone, I spent 6 months in and out of rehab for neck surgeries. After rehab I discovered my balance was bad and had to give up riding  Motorcycles.
After investigating the 3 wheel concept, I became a dealer for  Darn Fine Trikes out of Chicago, building Custom 3 wheel trikes for handicap and disabled individuals.

This business took me to Daytona, Sturgis, Americade and several other events for 12 years, where I met my wife, Barbara, who helped me build about 30 to 40 custom trikes a year. Coming back from a show in Pennsylvania, we had an accident in our Motor Home, again a teenager on a cell phone pulled out in front of the Motor home, totaling the motor home on a guard rail after I hit her car.

I had to have back surgery for 3 ruptured discs, during surgery, I had a heart attack, attributed to Agent Orange from Vietnam.  Diagnosed with Arrhythmic Heart Disease, I am now disabled.  My Wife and I retired, we moved to Texas, where it is warm, and they take care of  Veterans.  We have a small 20 acre ranch where we raise bees for honey, sit on the back porch, watching the hummingbirds and the deer feed, in the yard."

After graduating from LHS, Dave "Attended CSU for a while."

Regarding marriage, Dave says, "I moved to Winter Park to be a ski bum and met my wife Robin. We skied and partied for a few years and got married in 1977."

Dave and Robin's family grew.  He says, "We have 2 children, McKinley and Patrick. They each have 2 children, a boy and a girl. Ages are 10, 8, 4, and 2. They are a big factor in keeping us active and "in the game"!" 

Dave's jobs and interests include, "Lots of skiing, helping run a guest ranch (rafting on the Colorado, breakfast rides,etc), operating a bulldozer, backhoe, and then about 30 years designing and engineering roof truss systems."
Any military service?:

Some especially significant events in Dave's life include, "Being by my children's side when they each got married and especially when each of the grandchildren were born. I still can't believe how lucky Robin and I are."

Places Dave has lived or visited, he describes thusly, "My job took us from Longmont to Reno, back to Longmont, to Las Vegas, back to Longmont, to Wisconsin and finally to Littleton, and now in Black Hawk."

Special memories Dave has of Longmont and LHS include, "I loved it when Longmont was a little town; Hover wasn't a street, it was a dirt road! I had a lot of fun being in a garage band in high school."

In retirement, Dave says, "We spend part of the winters in Tucson. When home, we are constantly working on home improvements. We take many timeouts to attend soccer or baseball games of the 2 oldest grandchildren. The fun really starts when Robin invites all four grandchildren to our house without their parents! We do a full-family Mexico vacation every other year."
After moving to Idaho, Kathy attended College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho.   She graduated Summa Cum Laude Idaho State University in Education.   She has since taken over 80 credit hours of additional professional development coursework.

On December 22, 1968 Kathy married Dave Makings.  They recently celebrated their 48th anneversiary.

Kathy and Dave adopted 4 children.  Jason in 1972.  Jason was killed in a car wreck in March 1990.   Their other children are:  Mandy, who now lives and works in Twin Falls,  Isaac, adopted in May 1991,  currently lives and works in Tampa, FL, and  Nellie, adopted in December of 1992,  graduated with Honors from Idaho State University with a BS,N in May of 2016.  Nellie currently lives and works in Boise ID.

Kathy worked several jobs while Dave was in college.  One really interesting job was with HP in Loveland.  She worked a variety of jobs while they lived in Kansas.  When they moved to Idaho she decided to become a teacher.  Kathy got her degree in 1985, and has been teaching Kindergarten since.

Kathy shared these special memories from LHS:  "When I was a freshman I had a MAJOR crush on an "older man". Andy Maestas (I think the spelling is correct) he was 1 or two years older. Riding the Pep Club bus to the football game in Ft. Morgan our senior year. The bus broke down."

Kathy is not yet retired. She says,  "I really enjoy teaching and working with the kids. At this time I am not sure how much longer I will go full time."
After LHS, Becky says,  "I received Hart metal skis as my HS grad gift from my parents and then went to the University of Kansas. HaHa! BA in Philosophy and English Lit. No job offers for philosophers, so got my BS in Nursing at the KU MED center in Kansas City."

Becky continues,  "I met Jay Warner Curtis during the Fall 1967 Freshmen orientation week at KU. He was a junior from Praire Village, KS. Married May 7, 1970 during a 2 week leave he had from the army. He was stationed in Colorado Springs and I joined him there before completeing my BA. When he was discharged we went back to KU so I could finish my BA, then went on to Nursing school. Despite both our frustrations with my trying to teach him to ski at the time!!!!---- we survived and are still happily together---even skiiing!"

"We moved to Monte Vista after graduation for 3 years. Jay got a Masters and I worked in the small hospital there as a staff RN and as the acting Director. We lived in Greeley for 3 years where Jay got his EdS in School Psychology and I worked in ICU/CCU. We then moved to Colorado Springs, bought our first house, and had our first son, Robert Byron Curtis. David Benjamin Curtis soon followed. I worked for the Penrose Healthcare System in ICU/CCU for 6 years, then "floated" to critical care areas in the 3 Penrose hospitals for 9 years, then worked in Recovery room and Preop testing/education until I retired 1/1/2016. I now work at Pinnacle Surgery center in recovery room -- doing cataracts and retinal surgery. Robert married Margaret Kimball from NH in 2009 and we now have our first granddaughter, Ruth (named for my Mom and Jay's grandmother)- she will be 16 mos. in March. They live in Westbrook, ME, so we are thankful for Facetime! They also have 7 beehives. Robert graduates this may with a Masters in Nursing and will be a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. (Just in time for us!). Son David and fiancee Jen Monday from Parker live in Denver. He was lead singer/writer for Vices I Admire, an "alternative" rock band which had a good following in Denver and Ft. Collins., (not performing presently). Dave is a Manager for multiple short-term loan offices in Denver and is back in school for Computer Science."

For Becky, memorable life events include "Lincoln: 2nd grade-getting glasses. Introducing my sons to the world's wonders and looking forward to similar adventures with our grandchild --children. Our sons' University graduations (CU & CSU). Our Parents aging, dying. Accomplishing a Century bike ride, and qualifying for Boston. Running several beautiful marthons and half marathons. Climbing 33 of the 14ers and still hoping for more. Backpacking the Grand Canyon from the No(rth) rim to the So(uth) rim and back."

Becky has "LIved in Kansas and Colorado. Visited most of the western states, Hawaii, Maine and New Hampshire. Also have been to the Mayan Riviera, Costa Rica, and Iceland."  

Special shool memories include "LHS:In Latin class at the old HS dropping an eye from a frog I had dissected,Mr Richendifer making sure the girls skirts touched the floor when on our knees, being in Orchestra in the metal building when Pres. Kennedy died, The Pizza delivery!, vaseline on the library doorknobs, All the various musical performances, especially Sound of Music. Longmont: the freezing sand-bottomed swimming pool, the old Library, the Fair, LIncoln and Columbine schools."

Becky says, "I work 3 days per week, run, bike, swim, ski, hike. I still play violin in a trio (cello and flute). Of course, we try to get to Maine to see our granddaughter & her parents."
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