Longmont High School​ Class of '67
50th ​Reunion
A Renewal of Friendships July 28, 2017

Walk with me down memory lane ... to the times and places where we used to be.
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Kudos to Ed Lukenbach for the many memory shots taken by the annual staff.  I am very impressed by this pole vaulter picture.  I think this is an award winning shot.  ...  ​Lyle

But first, join me now as we venture back in time.  For starters, here's some shots from 1954.  It's the Kindergarten classes at Lincoln ...
Now lets see what we looked like in third grade, here's some shots from 1958.  It's the 3rd grade classes at Lincoln and Mtn. View ...

Lincoln School 3rd Grade 1958

Mtn. View School 3rd Grade 1958

Central School 4th Grade 1959

Mtn. View School 4th Grade 1959

Mrs. Williams 4th Grade ... Columbine 1959

I'm looking for anyone with a PTA
Calendar from Columbine from our class, or class pics from Mead, Burlington, Frederick, Altona, Hygiene, etc. ... please contact me at the info at the bottom of this page!!!

This was from a calendar loaned to me ... anyone know the scores?  And. by the way, what's odd about this anyway?

Lunch Room Spirit & Homecoming Bonfires led to ...

warm High School memories!

I found this article in the last issue of the Trojannews from 1966.  Remember when we thought of each other as boys and girls ... oh wait, I still do.  LOL

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