Longmont High School​ Class of '67
50th ​Reunion
A Renewal of Friendships July 28, 2017

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Across the years ... the icons of life were changing.

In a way, reunions can be like a reflection from the iconic days of our youth.  As we grew and matured the world around us was changing and morphing into that which we liked, wanted, or needed.  Music, movies, and of course, TV were changing dramatically.  Swing and Pop music fell away and Rock and Roll swept in.  Movies and TV went from largely Black and White to bold Kodachrome imagery.  Cars, houses and architecture were changing as well, but for many of us, those were the years that were dominated by CARS.  Mobility, mobility, mobility.

Fashion didn't just change, it was wildly new.  A cut above the knee
was the new, bold look. And we were rebels in a brave new world.
Who knew?  (Or should I say The Who knew.)

From the flower of our youth to the reality of our today, we have crossed the years filled with the challenges of life:  jobs, families, friendships, and more.  Its time to tell our stories, and share our memories with the friends with whom we started our school lives, our adolescence, and so much more.